These Are The Different People You Have To Deal With Every Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, the family comes together to spend days on end under one roof. There will be fights, new alliances and the occasional moment of real family unity. Yet, through it all, there is a specific cast of family members you are guaranteed to have to deal with. Here are 11 of the people you’ll be forced to interact with during the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. The “Perfect” Prima

oliviabarad / Tumblr

We all know who she is. She spends that whole day doing everything she can to help everyone and will be highly regarded as the prima you should be like. What’s so frustrating is that she only acts this way when all of the tías and tíos are around. Behind closed doors though, she’s sneaking tequila from the liquor cabinet and swearing up a storm. Good thing your parents see through this perfect exterior.

2. The Gift-From-God Primo

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He swears he’s so suave and that all of the girls back home hang all over him. How? You still haven’t figured that out but you know when he is close because you can smell his extra strong cologne from a mile away. Who knows? Maybe this year he will finally grow up and just chill out with the whole smooth criminal act. But he probably won’t. It doesn’t help that all the tias think he’s perfect. Mira que guapo, mi niño! ?

3. The Judgmental Tía

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If looks could kill she would have wiped out the family decades ago. She’s the tía that hasn’t had the greatest track record with love, or sobriety, but she loves to throw others under the bus with one side eye. You would say something but disrespecting her as an absolute no-go. So you just let her judge because you’re a good person.

4. The Drunk AF Tío


No one knows the moment he goes too far with his booze because he typically shows up buzzed with a case of beer under his arm. Sure he gets a little annoying but he makes the party so much more fun. Plus, he is really good about distracting the family so you can sneak a couple drinks.

5. The Random Non-Latino

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Whether it is one of your mom’s friends or one of your primos’ friends, or someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, there is always a non-Latino joining the party. It’s cool though because they are usually the life of the party, trying their best to dance like everyone else and never quite nail it.

6. The Unstoppable Dancer

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We all have that one tío that never stops dancing once the music comes on. Seriously. It is like he danced through the door and just doesn’t stop until he gets in the car to go home. How does anyone have that kind of stamina?

7. The Pet Whisperer

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If you have a dog or cat, then there is going to be someone who spends all of their time cuddling up to the littlest member of the family. Most likely it will be one of the kids but it’ll probably be you. It’s the one moment of peace and quiet you’ll get.

8. The Single Tía

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While your judgmental tía isn’t single by choice, there is that one tía that has chosen to be alone and it looks great on her. She is all the goals you could ever dream of with her career, amazing clothes and flawlessness. You secretly wish you were her because she seems to be the happiest person at the family gathering.

9. The Super Close Talker

Lele Pons / YouTube

Why are people like this? Sure, you might be family but why does that one person have to get right up in your face to tell you something. It is even worse if they are the person that has the bad breath. You know who that is.

10. The Extra AF Prima


Before extra was a mainstream term there was that one cousin who lived that sh*t to the fullest. They always show up late and ready for a fun time. Are you the extra AF cousin? If you have to ask then chances are yes.

11. The Food Thief

AgitoG4 / Reddit

This is the person that never brings anything and complains about how long it takes for the food to be ready. Then, at the end of the meal, you will always find them in the kitchen loading up plate after plate of food to take home. You could get mad but it’s cool. We’re all family, and you love them. But you know your mom will have some words to say about it later.

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4-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Hung Herself While Climbing A Tree

Things That Matter

4-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Hung Herself While Climbing A Tree

A mother living in the United Kingdom is enduring a “hellstorm of grief” following the tragic death of her 4-year-old daughter. Just days after welcoming her twin daughters, Elise Thorpe was forced to learn of her daughter Freya’s shocking death after she climbed a tree near her home in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire.

Just before her death, Freya was wearing a bicycle helmet when she went for her tree clim.

Freya slipped and began to fall off of the tree when her helmet strap caught on to a branch.

Elisa Thorpe is speaking out about the incident which took place in September 2019 despite efforts to resuscitate her daughter by emergency responders. According to Yahoo, “An inquest into her death in January 2020 ruled that she ‘potentially slipped’ and her helmet caught on a branch, causing the helmet strap to become ‘tight against her throat.’ She died in hospital two days later.”

Speaking about the incident Elise told The Sun “We live every day and night in hell, torture, sheer shock, and grief that can’t be comprehended.”

Elise told South West News Service that she and her husband “were on cloud nine after the long-awaited arrival and difficult pregnancy” of their twins Kiera and Zack. Speaking about the grief she experienced, Elise said that she would have taken her own life had it not been for the birth of her children.

Recalling the day of Freya’s death, Elise explained that her little girl had gone for a playdate.

“In the early afternoon, Daddy had to go off to collect the special milk from Boots pharmacy in Cowley for the twins, as they were allergic to cow’s milk,” Elise Thorpe explained about how her daughter had been invited to play at a house just a 10-second walk away.

Freya had gone outside without her mother knowing.

“I had a gut feeling I wanted her home. Shortly after, I saw an ambulance at the end of the road – I panicked, at the time not knowing why I was panicking,” Elise told SWNS. “I called my husband to say I was going to get her back from the house behind. He said, ‘No, I’m five minutes away, stay with the babies.’”

“I saw his car go past and not return from the little cul-de-sac. I knew something was wrong,” she went onto explain. After spotting her husband speaking with a firefighter, Elise “grabbed the twins and rushed to a cordoned area where she saw first responders working desperately on Freya.”

After two days of waiting at John Radcliffe Hospital, the Thorpe family learned Freya could not be saved.

“I never stepped foot inside my home again. This is something I also lost and miss to this day — my home,” Elise went onto say. “Had I not given birth only 10 days before we would have taken our lives in the hospital that night, without a shadow of a doubt… We have had so much support over the last 18 months and we can’t tell you all how much that’s helped us through and for that I can never thank everyone enough for the support, kind words and donations – even from those we’ve never met.”

“But we’ve also experienced scrutiny and abuse from people who’ve asked, ‘Where were the parents? How could they let her out alone?’” she added sadly. “It has caused family rifts from relatives and judgment all because people didn’t know Freya wasn’t in our care when this happened.”

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Neighbors Raised $60k to Keep this Mariachi Band Family From Being Evicted During the Pandemic

Things That Matter

Neighbors Raised $60k to Keep this Mariachi Band Family From Being Evicted During the Pandemic

Photo via Cielito Lindo Family Folk Music/Facebook

While the pandemic has negatively impacted a lot of Americans, those who derived their income from in-person industries like food, hospitality, and live entertainment, have been hit the hardest.

Once COVID-19 shut the country down, many household were forced to scramble to make ends meet. And while the government offered some assistance, for many it wasn’t enough.

This predicament was exactly what the Chicago family, the Luceros, were going through.

The Luceros are a Chicago-based Mexican-American family who moonlight as the mariachi band, Cielito Lindo. Around Chicago, the Lucero family was known for their astonishing musical abilities.

Juan and Susie Lucero are parents to a talented team of seven children, all of whom play different musical instruments and have breathtaking singing voices. Diego, Miguel, Antonio, Carlos, Lilia, Maya, and Mateo all have different roles within the band, while Juan is the bandleader.

Before the pandemic, the Lucero family derived the majority of their income from their live performances. They would cover classic favorites like “El Rey” as well as doing mariachi-twists on modern pop hits like Cardi B’s “I Like it Like That”.

But when COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, the Lucero family was no longer allowed to play live events.

All of their performances were canceled. Even their long-standing weekly gig at a local restaurant disappeared. Their income dropped by 40%.

While the Luceros tried to cut corners and make small changes, the reality was, they couldn’t keep up with their bills. By the time Christmas rolled around, they were $18,000 behind on rent. They got an eviction notice.

The family had heard that the government had launched a rent-assistance program, but they couldn’t find many details on how to apply. They were completely lost.

Desperate for help, Juan Lucero reached out to his Facebook friends, asking them if they knew how to apply for government assistance.

But what he got in return was something even better. Their community decided to step up and take action.

“A few of us talked and said, ‘We can’t let them be evicted from their home. There’s just no way,'” their neighbor, Robert Farster, recently told CBS This Morning.

Farster ended up creating a GoFundMe page for the Lucero family. “Our good friends, the Luceros, need help,” he wrote. “Juan, Susy and their seven kids are too proud to ask for it, so as their friends, we’re stepping in.”

Within days, Farster had raised over $60,000, veritably saving the Luceros from eviction.

“It’s like a miracle. We didn’t expect that,” Juan Lucero told This Morning. “It feels like a big warm hug from many people.”

Juan’s wife, Susy Lucreo felt the same way. Despite these divisive times, she felt tons of love and support from her community.

“We feel very much loved and accepted as a Mexican-American family with roots in Guadalajara,” she told This Morning. “And we come together to share that combination of culture, which really is what America is all about–this big melting pot.

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