Comedy Central’s “The President Show” To Poke Fun At President With Trump Impersonator

In a press release out yesterday, Comedy Central dropped a preview of their new weekly show, “The President Show.” Featuring comedian Anthony Atamanuik, heralded as the best Trump impersonator around, in the role of President Trump, the release claims it will throw out the rule book, just as our commander in chief is throwing out his predecessor’s rulebook.

New late night show “The President Show” will make fun of Trump by just being honest about who he is.

Is it scary or hilarious that you wouldn’t be surprised if our president said these things? Many comedians and TV producers have expressed how difficult they have found it to make fun of Trump, because his comments and scandals are outlandish beyond their abilities.

Even Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the hilarious duo behind the last twenty seasons of “South Park,” said it’s tough to make fun of Trump .

Credit: ABC News (Australia) / Youtube

Parker: “It’s really tricky now, uh, because satire has become reality.”

Parker and Stone, who made Mr. Garrison into a fusion of Trump and Darth Vader — the most villainous villain of all time — claimed to be having a hard time making fun of Trump.

It’s not the first time Comedy Central released a show created to mock a sitting president.

Via: Vandour / Youtube / That’s My Bush / Comedy Central

Released in April of 2001, the show had already been cancelled by the time 9/11 occured later that year. Although cancelled for financial reasons, show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker knew it would have been in poor taste in a post-9/11 world.

Comedy Central made a second attempt to launch a show about George W. Bush, but it seemed to come too little, too late.

However, “The President Show” launches only four months into Trumps presidency, so there may be plenty of years of laughs in store.

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