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His Sister Did His Makeup While He Slept And His Reaction To The Final Reveal Is Incredible


Twitter user @famousdaiisy had some extra time on her hands, so she decided to do what most sisters do: prank her brother. This isn’t your run of the mill prank though. Instead of jumping out from behind something to make him scream, she gave her brother a full face of makeup and, tbh, she totally nailed his look.

@famousdaiisy went all out on her brother’s surprise makeover.

CREDIT: @famousdaiisy / Twitter

Damn. How is she so good at doing her brother’s makeup while he sleeps? I struggle filling in those bubbles for standardized tests.

Somehow he even stayed asleep while she put on fake lashes.

CREDIT: @famousdaiisy / Twitter

Have you ever tried to put fake lashes on? It’s a struggle when you know they are coming at your face. Imagine being surprised with them in your sleep. That’s impressive.

The final look is absolutely flawless.

CREDIT: @famousdaiisy / Twitter

That eye shadow is popping. She even used his arm to test out the different lip colors. 😂 At least she made sure to pick out the shade that best complemented his skin. It’s so nice to see a sister looking out for her brother.

And when she wakes him up, he is confused at first because he was in dreamland, duh.

CREDIT: @famousdaiisy / Twitter

She then gives him a mirror and just when you think he’s going to scream out in anger…

He comes back with a yesssssssss, bitch!

CREDIT: @famousdaiisy / Twitter

You can’t be mad about makeup that flawless!

The makeup wasn’t the only thing people were talking about.

The thirst in the response to the video is so real.

People are sooo thirsty over that dude.

😂 😂

And it wasn’t just the women thirsting.


A few people did come through though with some tough observations.

The people demand answers and proof.

Watch the full video below and see his transformation.


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