A-Rod Admits That Sometimes He Gets Confused As J.Lo’s Bodyguard Right Before Getting Egged In The Face

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

“That was a home run.”

In this hilarious segment from Thursday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Alex Rodriguez and Fallon played an intense game of Egg Russian Roulette. Much like actual Russian Roulette, this scrambled version of the game involved taking turns with a potentially loaded weapon to the head. The weapon here, of course, being a carton of eggs. While eight of the eggs were hard boiled, the other four were as runny as snot. The pair quickly got to egg smashing and making a gloriously sloppy mess.

The game did not disappoint, with A-Rod taking a full huevo to the grill.

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

I could watch this all day.

Before getting egged, he admitted that he gets mistaken for J.Lo’s bodyguard all the time.

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

I mean… if anyone is standing next to J.Lo they kind of fade into the background, don’t they?

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Just In Time For Gifting Season: JLo and ARod Dropped An Affordable Sunglass Collab Collection With Quay Australia


Just In Time For Gifting Season: JLo and ARod Dropped An Affordable Sunglass Collab Collection With Quay Australia

Just as there is a separation between the church and state, so too, we’ve been told to set strict boundaries in business. “Never mix pleasure with business,” goes the saying, as old as time. And we all know that keeping friendly, or even worse, romantic, relationships with people with whom you do business is not always a good idea —Unless you’re the ultimate power couple, then by all means, mix it up, finesse us all and show us how it’s done. J.Lo and ARod are just that couple. And their venture into business together is off to a pretty good looking start.

Jenny from the block mixed business with pleasure on her latest collab with her sportsman partner Alex Rodriguez, except for her, the partnership was more like a good idea than a bad one.

instagram @quayaustralia

JLo and ARod teamed up with Australian eyewear brand Quay Australia to create a range of glamorous statement shades that won’t set you back more than $60.

The couple shot the campaign for their collection in Miami—a place they both call home.

instagram @quayaustralia

The singer and actress posed with the former baseball shortstop in a series of sultry, tropical-infused images to promote the couple’s sunglass collection. The dynamic duo shot the campaign in Miami. “It was really special to be able to shoot in Miami with Jennifer, she was the one who introduced me to Quay Australia,” said ARod in an interview with Elle. Lopez, on her part, told People how shooting in Miami felt natural, since it’s the place she calls home. “I’ve had a love affair with Miami for many years, and now it’s our city—it’s our second home,” she added.

ARod and JLo are the only couple who can color coordinate their outfits and still look stylish af.

instagram @robzangardi

The series of photographs feature the powerhouse couple coordinating looks in bright, bold colors giving them that #couplegoals look that many of us have tried and failed at achieving. “It’s always easy when we get to do things together,” Lopez told People about shooting the campaign. “We always wind up laughing out loud.” —couple goals I tell ya.

The shades are divided into two collections, but all the styles are unisex.

Instagram @robzangardi

The dual collection is already shoppable on Quay Australia’s website. None of the shades cost more than $60, and while Alex and Jennifer have ‘his’ and ‘hers’ product pages, both ranges work pretty well on both men and women.

JLo gave her shades, witty names in Spanish while ARod chose more classic styles and names.

Instagram @quayaustralia

Jennifer’s selection is tad bit flashier —to be expected from the queen of the Bronx— they feature fancier, bolder hardware. Another detail we loved, is that J.Lo gave her shades, names in Spanish, like “La Reina,” “La Playa,” and “El Dinero.” Alex’s options though, are more understated and classic, the shapes come with a thin wire rim and they feature names such as “Poster Boy” and “Apollo.”

“I’ve followed the brand for quite some time and love how they are disrupting the eyewear category. I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses that fit so well and the fact that you can get high quality, polarized sunglasses for $50 is pretty great,” Alex said —and we couldn’t agree more on that price point remark.

The ‘Hustlers’ star first collaborated with Quay in March.

Instagram @jlo

When her first collab dropped —on the same month that she announced her engagement to Alex Rodriguez after two years of dating— J.Lo took to instagram to share the news and her love for sunglasses; “Sunglasses are my accessory of self-expression. I can wear them from the gym to the red carpet, and this line perfectly captures the sporty, but also sexy and glam vibe that I love!”

The brand has always been great at teaming up with celebrities to create glasses people want.

Instagram @quayaustralia

Quay Australia’s most recent A-list partnership was with Chrissy Teigen, who told Harper’s Bazaar that she really wanted to ensure her looks worked for all kinds of different face shapes and preferences. “I tend to lean towards oversized sunglasses because I don’t love putting on a full face of makeup every day.” This idea seemed to be kept in mind for J.Lo’s second Quay launch as well. Though there are lots of different small options available, we have to say, the big ones are still our faves.

Comprised of 18 styles, the line offers a wide selection of chic glasses – featuring bold shields, flirty cat-eye shades and classic aviators. Shop the collection at

Alex Rodriguez Sits Down With Ryan Lochte To Help Him Rebuild His Career After Public Fall From Grace


Alex Rodriguez Sits Down With Ryan Lochte To Help Him Rebuild His Career After Public Fall From Grace

arod / ryanlochte / Instagram

“When you see players go from rags to riches to rags, it’s tough to see,” retired professional athlete Alex Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter. Now, he’s hosting his own show for CNBC to help fellow athletes and entertainers, like swimmer Ryan Lochte and boxer Evander Holyfield, reclaim their financial footing when the big paychecks stop coming in. Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, has long been considered one of the greatest baseball players in American history. His glowing reputation was tarnished, however, when he admitted to using performance-enhancing steroids between 2001 and 2003, prompting a 162-game suspension from the Major Baseball League (MLB). Rodriguez soon after retired and launched a career as a media personality, serving as a broadcaster for Fox Sports and a cast member of “Shark Tank.”

Rodriguez’s new show, “Back in the Game,” will offer former athletes and entertainers “in serious financial distress” their very own “money-savvy mentors who can help them get back on their feet,” according to a CNBC release.

“Back in the Game” will help four household names restore their reputation and financial security.

Credit: @AROD / Twitter

The first episode aired last week, and featured former boxer Evander Holyfield. Holyfield earned over $513 million throughout his boxing career, defeating the likes of Mike Tyson, and winning the heavyweight title four times. In 2008, his $10 million home was foreclosed and auctioned to rapper Rick Ross. “I grew up admiring Holyfield, he was one of my role models as a kid,” Rodriguez tweeted. Holyfield didn’t have a plan for retirement. Rodriguez did and offered his advice. “We’re going to get this done,” he tells him. Fans are already tweeting their “mad respect for showing some much truth and raw emotion,” for Holyfield. 

By the looks of it, Holyfield now has his own supplemental nutrition line.

Credit: @MakersNutrition / Twitter

“For whatever reason, I was thinking of life after baseball in my rookie year, when I was 18 years old in the major leagues,” Rodriguez told The Hollywood Reporter. “I think my greatest gift is that I was lucky enough to play for two and a half decades in the MLB, and I had an opportunity to make every mistake in the book, and I probably did that. I learned from those mistakes and I grew my knowledge and I practiced and learned more. I’m a student at heart and I continued to learn and surround myself with really great people.”

Last night, his second episode premiered featuring suspended Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who publicly apologized for his steroid use.

Credit: @AROD / Twitter

“One mistake changed my entire life. I went from hero to zero. I’m just trying to fight my way back up to the top again,” Lochte tells Rodriguez in a promo. “I know exactly what you feel like,” Rodriguez tells him, recalling his own history of performance-enhancing drugs. Rodriguez pulls out Lochte’s phone and goes through his contacts. “Why don’t we call Michael Phelps?” Later, we see Lochte’s reaction, wiping tears from his face. “That call you made, and that emotion that I’m seeing, is what it takes to be a champion,” Rodriguez tells him, completely in the face of the toxic masculinity’s lie that vulnerability is a weakness.

“I was incredibly impressed watching Ryan Lochte swim,” Rodriguez tweeted. “It’s a totally different experience watching him in person, especially because it’s something I can’t do!!” Well, that’s one thing A-Rod can’t do. 

Lochte confessed that he didn’t look at his bank account for two years.

Credit: @Ladi_K / Twitter

Some people are seriously judging these basic financial skills, like “how you not gonna check your bank account in two years? Who does that?” asks one Twitter user. Other folks are hearing Lochte gripe about having to move from a big house to his “small apartment,” and have no sympathy because we all want that “small” apartment.

“It takes years to build a good reputation, and in 5 minutes you can lose it all,” Rodriguez tells his clients.

Credit: @AROD / Twitter

The show is a “tremendous opportunity to spread a great message,” he tells the Reporter. “The question is: Do I have time to continue? But I really enjoy the process. I really enjoy seeing four people turn their lives around and really mature in a very short period of time. It’s very rewarding for me to come back and pay it forward.”

“Back in the Game” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CNBC.

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