21 Latino Tweets and Jokes of the Week

Twitter is taking the internet by storm. The social media website has become one of the top places for keeping up with all things celebrity, politics, and memes, and it offers the perfect opportunity to connect and relate with other Latinos over comedy. There is an endless amount of humorous content constantly being posted on Twitter, which is why we’ve come up with this list of this week’s top relatable Latino tweets to keep you laughing through the week.

1.  If this isn’t your goal, you’re lying to yourself. 

Credit: Twitter @soalexgoes

Adulting is hard and I want my mom’s cooking back.

2.  Love the smell, hate the taste. 

Credit: Twitter @SheaSerrano

I have student loans to pay off and rent to pay, so I can’t afford to find myself a Mexican mom who can make my apartment smell like Mexican food. Do they make menudo-scented candles? If not, someone should get on that,

3. A message to lurkers.

Credit: Twitter @saraamontoya_

We all need a reminder to drink to our haters every once in a while – they’re just jealous, honey. I think we’re all a little guilty of jealous lurking at some point though. Let’s all try to spread love to each other instead.

4. We all know this type. 

Credit: Twitter @mgnoire

Yep, anyone with Chucks and a piercing is definitely a “rocker”.

5.  Uber offers the perfect opportunity to take on a new identity.


Credit: Twitter @jpbrammer

Let’s be real though, we’re all cosplaying as something, be it a straight boy, Wonderwoman, or someone who actually has their shit together.

6. If your mother doesn’t nag at you when you come home, something’s wrong. 

Credit: Twitter @jpbrammer

“You didn’t shave your beard? Pluck your eyebrows. I thought you were losing weight. When did you last take a shower? Have you been eating?” When she picks at your appearance, that’s how you know she loves you.

7. Lady Gaga’s level of Catholicism is every abuela’s wet dream.

Credit: Twitter @faggoat_

Sorry, abuela. I’m too hungover to go to mass this morning.

8. No matter how many times I say no, I still want to be invited.


Credit: Twitter @th0tcouture

You know that feeling when you see your friends going out on social media and you’re mad that they didn’t invite you but you said no the last 16 times? Yeah, me too. I’m just going to sit here and watch reruns of The Office for the 23rd time now and hope that I’ll be invited next time.

9.  When you’re too fabulous to be on time. 

Credit: Twitter @th0tcouture

Your boss can’t blame you for being late. Your habitual lateness has been passed down through several generations of strong, independent women who won’t let time define them. And you needed a coffee.

10. When you finally look good in a photo but you don’t want your dad’s 8th cousin’s brother to be in the picture.


Credit: Twitter @th0tcouture

I don’t blame her. It’s hard to look good in photos unless it’s your 500th selfie taken in an hour. When you finally get a good one, you have to share it – but first, you need to crop out that unidentifiable relative who you haven’t seen in 6 years.

11. We are all this dog.

Credit: Twitter @dogsreaction

I’m going places, I swear. I just need to finish every show on Netflix and eat everything in sight.

12. She’s not wrong.


Credit: Twitter @cecefayce

You’re still special, girl. Don’t let Becky’s Juvederm make you think you aren’t great. (And your lips will never deflate.)

13. For real though.

Credit: Twitter @jovanhill

Did you think the bible was completed all this time? Oh, no, no, no. After thousands of years of just near perfection, the New Testament was completed on November 10, 2014, with the release of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. The world has never been the same since.

14. Have you ever tried to host Thanksgiving? Don’t. 

Credit: Twitter @KarenRoseCh

You don’t know stress and anxiety until you try to cook a decent meal for 25 Latinos. You just don’t. And if you have, you deserve official sainthood.

15. If your mom is your #1 girl, you’re lucky.

Credit: Twitter @alexarodrigguez

Nothing beats the unconditional love of a Latina mother or any mother for that matter. Friends come and go, and some might stay, but your mom has been there since the beginning.  Her love and support will never go away (even if it’s tough love).

16. You know the feeling. 

Credit: Twitter @Juniorsaur

We just barely made it through Thanksgiving, but we’re going to need a lot more tequila to get through the rest of the holiday season.

17. Nothing beats authentic Mexican food. 

Credit: Twitter @sheslulu

We’re not talking about that overpriced hipster stuff that costs $15 for 3 bites of food. One $10 order of the real deal can feed a family of nine for weeks.

18. The nerve of some people.

Credit: Twitter @mirandablake41

No, I did not authorize this purchase of $277 at Sephora. This eyeliner is all natural. How dare my bank take my money? I’m just trying to look good.

19. I think we all can relate to this.

Credit: Twitter @kingzyphree

You get out of the shower, dry off, and make the mistake of sitting in bed with just your towel on. And it’s so, so comfortable. You take out your phone to check Twitter and suddenly you’re watching a full-on documentary on YouTube. An hour has now passed and you’re late and your hair is still wet, and out go your hopes and dreams of ever being a functioning member of society.

20. Going through 6 days of torture, all for nothing. 

Credit: Twitter @ireenee_b

That size chart looked enticing, but you decided to just wing it and hope you’re still the size you were last summer. Big mistake.

21. And that was the moment they realized they made a mistake.

Credit: Twitter @gbarajas02
People love to talk as much shit in Spanish all they want, but as soon as they realize people can understand them, they’re surprised. Be careful what you say – you never know who’s listening.

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21 Memes You Will Only Understand if You Are Latinx


21 Memes You Will Only Understand if You Are Latinx

People love to generalize people, and say every Latinx person is the same. It happens to everyone, but you cannot deny that certain dress, behavior, food, and speaking customs tie us together. We also love sharing these customs with each other through memes.

From humorous moments to shared experiences, these Latinx memes tell the tale of what it is like growing up in a LatinX household. They make you want to spread them like wildfire while you giggle. You may even tap the people next to you just to have someone to join in on the fun.

Because new memes come online every day, there is no definitive list of the best and funniest list of Latinx memes. Because of this, we can only get you started with a small selection of what is out there.

If you are ready to laugh or cry, here are 25 popular memes that display the Latinx lifestyle.

The Celia Cruz meme

Pinterest @Min G.

This popular meme requires know who this amazing woman was. You may even hear it in her voice. You may even chuckle just thinking about it. The meme presents Latinx integration into the United States. It expresses what people do when they go to American establishments such as Starbucks while mainting their Latinx culture.

Mazapan de la Rosa meme

Reddit u/cualcrees

Mexican candy is brittle. Mazapan de la Rosa breaks apart if you just look at it. It is so fragile that it looks like they barely got it into its packaging. Only a Latinx would know how messy these things can get. They are so infamous that it is a testament to your skills if you can open one up without breaking it.

Taco Truck Life Memes

Pinterest @MonthlyPOP

Everyone loves tacos de asada, and this meme is how we show it. For many Latinx, stopping by a taco truck is a regular weekend activity, especially for tres tacos de asada.

Family Gathering Face

Pinterest @Maggie A

Latinx or not, everyone has the same reaction as this dog whoever they hear a family member say “te ves mas gordita”. You may even feel it if someone stares at you like you got fatter. Thus, everyone should understand the feeling that you just want to be alone to eat your tacos.

Relationship Problems

AskFM TellezxD

Tacos make everything better. They are the perfect solution to any thing. This is especially true if someone buys them for you. That is why they are the go to solution for when you mess up and made your significant other mad.

The Latinx Cure All

Pinterest @Gina Smith

No one questioned it, but every Latino remembers having a bottle or can of 7 up and a jar of Vix VapoRub on their nightstands when they were sick. Despite how silly it might sound now, but this combination always worked.

Frog Butt Will Make It Better

Reddit u/VivaLaEmpire

When Latinx children are injured with bumps and bruises. Their mothers or abuelita may recite the expression: “Sana sana colita de rana, si no sana hoy sanaras manana.” While it calms the children during their treatments, the expression roughly translates as “Heal, heal, little tail of the frog. If it does not heal today, it will heal tomorrow.”

Latinx Moms

Pinterest @Aimee Luna

Latinx moms do not play around. When their kids misbehave, these mothers can throw expletive words and phrases that put their kids back in line. This type of Latinx meme captures these memories for some laughs.

Don’t Be Rude

Pinterest @DESTINYYY11

Latinx kids are obligated to greet everyone house guest. You may remember eye rolling while you did it, but you had to do it until everyone knew that you understood your manners and knew exactly how to say help to everyone. It did not matter how much you just wanted to run to your room and watch television.


Pinterest @Marlene Bahena 

While “Nope” is universal, Latinx households had it to the extreme/ You may want to get that cool toy and Happy Meal at McDonald’s, but your mother would always respond by saying you have food at home. You might have thought she would forget eventually, but Latinx moms never forget anything, ever.

Saturdays are Para Limpiar

Pinterest @Sibley

Latina mothers are super beings that can work full-time jobs and still raise an entire family. They can also clean the entire house every Saturday morning, and expect their children to help them out. You must do it or you will never hear the end of it. At least, your mom provided a soundtrack.

Loud is The Only Volume

Pinterest @SD

Latinos yell on the phone often because they remember the poor quality of the phone systems back in the home countries. They no longer have to do this, but old habits die hard. Because of this, your family will always yell at anyone they call on the phone, regardless if they are at home or out in public, no matter how much it embarrasses you.

100 Tios and Tias

Pinterest @Yahaira Contreras 

You know your Latinx if you have at least 100 relatives named either Tio or Tia. These relatives can be either biological, honorary, or both. Makes for a great time explaining how your family works to your friends and novio.

Latina Mom and Abeulita Medical Logic

Pinterest @Claudya Martinez

Beside the LatinX cure all mentioned earlier, LantiX homes have other strange folk medical dures that no one questions, and just follows. Some of these strange medical treatments include not walking barefoot, going out or sleeping with wet hair, and never leave home without a jacket. You do them so you don not catch an instant cold or flu.

El Cucuy

Pinterest @Yadi Villegas

Everyone is afraid of the Cucuy. If you grew up Latinx, you know the Cucuy is coming for you. It is coming for you because you misbehaved. It is coming because you did not sleep or eat your food. This is just the reality inside any Latinx household. The storied tale of the monster is now a meme, a meme about misbehaving and not obeying your parents.

Something to Cry About

Pinterest @Yaneli Alejandra

Kids cry all the time of what they feel is important at the time. There is nothing intrinsically Latinx about that. However, Latinx mothers can definitely give their children something to cry over. Therefore, every time you mother said “Te Calmas o Te Calmo,” you immediately stopped crying. This meme celebrates this fixture of Latinx life.

Doing the Dishes

Pinterest @Cathy Ortega

Mami’s cooking is the best, but everyone scatters when It is time to clean up and do the dishes. However, no one can escape it. You, your brothers, your sisters and cousins, everyone washed what felt like a week’s worth of dishes after every meal. Forget the dishwasher. Most latinx mothers did not even know what that was. Even if your mother did, you would respond by saying that you must rinse and clean the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.


Pinterest @Poly Renteria

Calbo is the latinx mother cure all. If were sick for any reason, your mother would just give you a nice hot bowl, loaded with vegetables, chicken, arroz, and avocado. The soup made the cold or flue go away with its bounty of nutrients. However, you should never tell your mother that you opened a can or premade soup, such as Progresso, and call it caldo. That will not go well for you. Everyone knows that you must make the dish from scratch with lots of love.

La Chancia

Pinterest @b133234

Never make a Latinx mother mad. All mothers would fit well with any professional sports league. They can throw the chancia, or anything really, and hit you regardless of how far you run or how fast you think you are. With the force, speed, and technique your mother can put into the throw, you know it hit and hurt you every time.

Celebrating Independence from Spain

Pinterest @senoralauralee

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. Everyone knows this. It is the Battle of Peubla instead, where Mexican forces defended the town from the French. Everyones knows that the true Mexican Independence Day is Sept. 16, when Manuel Hidalgo’s famous Grito de Dolores kicked off the war. However, you would never know this if you did a simple Google search.

*Gasps in Spanish*

Twitter @hot_jawn

While everyone uses this meme, only Latinx will understand what originated it. “Gasps in Spanish” is an infamous reaction from Soraya Montenegro, a fictional character on the Mexican telenovela “María la del Barrio”. If you are Latinx, you also know that this series is the source of many other memes as well.