17 Popular Brand Logos If They Looked The Way Your Parents Pronounce Them

If your parents primarily speak Spanish, you know they probably have a bit of trouble pronouncing some American brand names. It doesn’t really matter though, because their unique pronunciation becomes the standard when referring to those brands.

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1. Kellog’s Corn Flakes or Con Fleis

Credit: Kellog’s / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Obviously, “con fleis” is the classic – and it applies to EVERY brand of cereal.

2. Starbucks AKA Estarbucks

Credit: Starbucks / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

When you need coffee in a pinch, you may go to this place:

3. The Macburguesa known as Mackdonals

Credit: Mc Donald’s / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

And this is the spot where you get an hamburguesa or two.

4. Sometimes you go here for deals:

Credit: Walmart / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Gualmar is forever the love of your abuelos and the place you spent hours in line on Black Friday.

5. And this is one of the sodas you drink.

Credit: Pepsi / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Pepsci. Almost as good as Sprrite.

6. The stupid box your mamá detests.

Credit: YouTube / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

When you can’t put down your phone, your parents assume you’re on this.

7. Even though they’re secretly addicted to this:

Credit: Facebook / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Ah! Feisbuu the social platform your abuela wish would kiss her extremo.

8. CosTco.

Credit: Costco / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

This is the spot where the fam stocks up for parties:

9. And this is the brand all the kids in your family are obsessed with.

Credit: Disney / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Also know as Gisney for those of us who read that D wrong all of these years.

10. Shetos

Credit: Lay’s / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Your parents have no trouble pronouncing “Takis,” but they have their own version for this.

11. Maybe you’ve had a sandwich at this place:


Credit: Subway / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Perfect place to get a jamon and queso sub.

12. Or owned a pair of these:

Credit: Nike / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

And you better believe it was your lucky day or King’s Day if they broke this one out.

13. You probably can’t buy just one thing at this place:

Credit: Target / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Or Tarhet.

14. Ah Burger Keen.

Credit: Burger King / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

And you’ve probably had to explain the difference between MackDonals and this burger spot…

15. And this one, too:

Credit: Wendy’s / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Because Guendy’s where it’s at.

16. You probably spent most of your childhood having your mom tell you to turn this off:

Credit: Sony / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Also known as the diablo box that always got the chancleta out.

17. Or this:

Credit: Microsoft / Illustration by Sayuri Jimenez

Also known as the “I’ll break out the chancleta if you don’t get off!”

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13 Things That Happen When Your Latino Family Goes On A Road Trip


13 Things That Happen When Your Latino Family Goes On A Road Trip

Crossroads / Paramount Pictures

Road trips are the preferred method of transportation for all of our parents. Mainly that’s because it is cheaper to load everyone into a car and drive rather than buying everyone a plane ticket. That’s why your family has experienced 13-hour drives to visit your tía instead of enjoying a 3-hour flight. Whether you are traveling to your parents’ hometown or taking a road trip to attend a boda, you’ve probably encountered some of these events along the way as a passenger or driver.

1. Picking your car buddy is the most important thing you can do.

Miles Film / YouTube

Choosing who is going to stick out a half day’s worth of driving with you is challenging and exciting. Do you want to sit next to your younger prima or your oldest prima? Decisions. Decisions.

2. Safety first!

Seat belts do their job and all, but your abulea has her own safety measures. She prays to St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, and la Virgencita just to make sure that you will get to where you are going in one piece.

3. Your parents take control of the radio and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Hey, at least if “La Chona” comes on the speakers, it’s going to give you a second wind during that third leg of your trip. #SilverLining

4. Every now and then you’ll get to choose the music.


It is your moment!. You’re doing amazing. Keep playing Selena’s “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” to its full volume over and over again until your mom eventually loses it and turns the radio off for good.

5. There’s always one pit stop and only one because you can’t waste time.

Regular potato chips and beef jerky? Not in your familia. Don’t mind us, cashier. Just emptying out your entire stash of Flamin’ Hots, Takis and Queso Ruffles because this is the only stop you will be making.

6. Someone in the car is always chewing some damn sunflower seeds.

It’s usually your brother and he does it just to bother you at this point.

7. Mom is always ready to terrify you into silence when you start to get rowdy.

Your mom swears she saw the Chupacabra the last time she visited el rancho. Ok, mom, and La Llorona sits under my bed. 😒 😒 😒

8. You’ll be stuck on the road at some point.

Selena / Warner Bros.

Sometimes it is as easy as a flat tire but there’s definitely been at least one road trip where the car had serious troubles and you wasted a day at a mechanic.

9. If you’e driving to Mexico, get ready for some surprise, bomb snacks.

If you’re passing through the border in Tijuana, get ready to add 20 pounds’ worth to your caravan of jarritos, cobijas San Marcos, bags of churros—basically all the things you never knew you needed in life.

10. There’s nothing like getting close enough to your destination like remembering that amazing taco spot.

The tacos you have once you cross the border are on another level. The salsas are fresher, the onions are sweeter, the tortillas are better.

11. The primos who just have to make jokes about everything.

White Men Can’t Jump / Twentieth Century Fox

Taking too long in the bathroom, falling asleep, sneezing. It is like they just want to make fun of you just for the sake of making fun of you.

12. It’s always stressful when you realize a toll is coming up and you need to find change to pay it.

Modern Family / Fox

Is that a dime or a peso? Maybe the guards will accept dollar bills for toll fare? Shoot your shot!

13. But it is all worth for the memories you make with your family.

After FINALLY reaching your destination, you have become thisclose with your fourth cousin once removed, learned your tia thinks she is the *inspo* behind “La Chona,” and have family stories to pass down for generations.

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