17 Latin American Slang Phrases That Will Have You #ROFLing hard!

Language is fluid and constantly changes. Beyond academic rules or what is supposed to be the “right way” to speak and write Spanish (as if…), everyday vernacular is what really defines the paths that language takes. It is not the tired, old and generally white males in the ivory tower of academia that should determine how language evolves, but you and me, people who think outside the box and perpetuate tradition (doesn’t it feel awesome to use that old-fashioned phrase your abuelita loved, even jokingly?).

Latin American Spanish is rich in meaning and creativity. It is the product of processes of colonization that produced hybrids of Castillian Spanish (what the conquistadores spoke) and various indigenous languages. Later, migration processes to the continent brought with them new forms of expression. Argentinian Spanish, for example, is called lunfardo and incorporates words from Italian. Anyway, here’s 17 phrases that make no real sense at first, but are a source of identity and pride.

Latino power, mi gente!

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