Mexicans Will Make Fun Of Anything And These Signs Prove It

If you’ve been to Mexico, you’ve probably done a double take when reading one the creative store names and makeshift signs you can find displayed in markets, restaurants and other places of business. Most of the time, they consist of straightforward messages, but once in a while, even signs created to convey a “warning” will make you laugh. They’re perfect examples of Mexicans’ ability to joke about nearly anything.

Here’s a sign with a helpful tip about the day’s fresh bread:

Ta gueno pues…. 😂😂 #soloenmexico

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There’s this restaurant’s polite plea for cooperation from their customers:

#desayuno #loschamorrosdetlacoquemecatl #soloenmexico #cdmx #noseanratas

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If your Spanish is sketchy, “cubiertos” = silverware. Ask a friend what “No se chingue” means.

There’s this discreet notice for patrons of a local parking lot:

ASI O MÁS SEGURO?! Jajajaja #SoloEnMexico #NacoEsChido #ChidoWan

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There’s this thorough explanation about a malfunctioning machine:

Mas claro ni el agua carajo xD haha #soloenmexico #tcm #metro #urbano #CDMX

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There’s this friendly reminder about urinating in public:

There’s this thoughtful reminder of the etiquette required at this establishment:

#mexico #mexicodf #mexicocity #SoloEnMexico #prohibidohacersependejos

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There’s this storefront that services all your wants and needs:

There’s this kind suggestion for keeping the restroom clean:


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There’s this apt description of a bar’s signature drink:

There’s this rock-solid guarantee:

There’s this courteous preemptive message for fellow motorists:

And there’s this enticing advertisement for a refreshing drink:

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