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The U.S. Might Be In Danger Of Missing Out On The 2018 World Cup After Draw With Honduras

The World Cup Qualifiers in South America (CONMEBOL) and North America & the Caribbean (CONCACAF) were lit. Let us show you how!

We’re less than a year away from the first kickoff in Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and a number of teams, besides the hosts, have already qualified for the tournament. Joining the Russians are Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Mexico and Brazil. In Europe, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and France are practically a victory away from direct qualification. Obviously, that leaves out a number of powerful teams — ahem, Lionel Messi’s Argentina — from the list that were expected to moonwalk into qualification.

The United States is suffering just like Mexico did in 2013.

Veteran coach Bruce Arena was called in as a firefighter to rescue Team USA’s chances of qualifying after his predecessor, Jurgen Klinsmann, lost two games in the first round of qualifying games last year. One of them was a historic loss to Mexico in Columbus, Ohio, usually known as the U.S. national team’s fortress. Unfortunately, Arena’s qualifying run hit a huge snag this past week.

First, Team USA lost to Costa Rica in New Jersey in a historic win for the Ticos thanks to two goals from San Jose Earthquakes attacker Marco Ureña.

In the second round, the US found themselves trailing by a goal for an hour in a match against Honduras, played in San Pedro Sula, until…

… Bobby Wood tied it up with just minutes to spare.

It would’ve have been a huge deal except for the fact that Panama put three past Trinidad & Tobago on the same night, which shot Panama up to third place, placed the US in the fourth place playoff spot and La H trailing in fifth place on goal differential.

The qualification spots create an intense scenario for the final two qualifying rounds in October, when the USA hosts Panama and Honduras faces a second-place Costa Rican team looking to cement its place in the World Cup with a victory. Panama will need at least a draw vs. the USA before facing Costa Rica at home in their final match to keep their hopes alive as the USMNT will be expected to run rampant over a Trinidadian squad with nothing to play for.

Peru: the little CONMEBOL team that might!

Credit: Channel of the Peruvian Football / YouTube

Peru defeated its neighbor Bolivia at home in Lima and later flew to Quito, where they defeated their hosts, Ecuador, as well! It was the first time Peru captured three points in Ecuador during qualification and the first time they entered the direct qualification zone in 20 years!

Let Peruvian commentator Daniel Peredo show you the emotion behind these important victories!

Speaking of Ecuador… once the leader of CONMEBOL for months, they are now at risk of missing out on Russia 2018 as they languish in eighth place!

What happened to Argentina and Chile?


Argentina are currently sitting in the 5th place playoff spot while Chile is a point behind them in sixth and are in danger of missing out on Russia 2018 after La Roja lost to Paraguay and Bolivia, two teams with no hope at all of reaching the World Cup!

 El Tri Qualified With Three Games To Spare

CREDIT: Credit: Ezequiel Becerra / Getty

Mexico sealed its entry into the World Cup with a 1 – 0 win over Panama last week. Costa Rica snatched a draw at home versus Mexico in the final minutes, putting Los Ticos one more victory away from direct qualification.


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Brazil’s Soccer Reina Marta Trumps Germany’s Miroslav Klose For All-Time World Cup Scoring Record


Brazil’s Soccer Reina Marta Trumps Germany’s Miroslav Klose For All-Time World Cup Scoring Record

Buda Mendes / Staff | Getty Images

If you’re not watching FIFA’s Women’s World Cup, you are not living life! We hope you’re not one of those people that is under the wrong assumption that men’s soccer is more enjoyable and thrilling to watch. Women’s soccer has so much excitement and so much history in the making.

Yesterday’s battle between Italy and Brazil was incredible for more reasons than one.

Brazil beat Italy 1 to 0, and now they’re one of the best teams in the World Cup.


According to sports news outlets, yesterday’s score for Brazil means “Italy, Brazil, and Australia qualify for the knockout stages while Jamaica, the first Caribbean country to play in the Women’s World Cup, fail to progress after three defeats in three matches.”

The winning goal was made by none other than Marta, which garnered a historic 17th World Cup score.


Marta, known for her single name moniker (full name Marta Vieira da Silva), made the winning kick during the penalty shot against Italy. Her stellar kick now means she’s “moving her ahead of Germany’s Miroslav Klose to become the outright top scorer in both the men’s and women’s game,” according to ESPN.  

You still think women’s soccer doesn’t match up to men’s?

Here’s how people on social media are taking the news that Marta made history.

Let’s pop that champagne!

Marta is a pioneer in so many ways.

We’re sure she’s inspired countless of people.

How about a match between Marta and any of these other male suckers?

We know who’d shine on through.

She’a legend in her own right.

There’s no match.

We’re sure this is not her last goal.

Not by a long shot.

Men Are Saying It’s Not Sexist To Pay Male Soccer Players More, But Uh, Hold Our Hoops While We Beg To Differ With Big Facts


Men Are Saying It’s Not Sexist To Pay Male Soccer Players More, But Uh, Hold Our Hoops While We Beg To Differ With Big Facts

@cbsnews / Twitter

Yesterday, the U.S. women’s soccer team played an incredible match against Thailand, in which they won 13 to 0. That game was a great way to kick off FIFA Women’s World Cup. Yet as more viewers tune in to this year’s championship, there’s one reoccurring view: men’s soccer is still better than the women’s league; therefore, they deserve a lot more money than the women.

Male leagues indeed get paid millions more than the women, and even though we’re fighting for equal pay at least one man (of course) said that men soccer players are deserving of it.


A male writer wrote an op-ed saying that it’s not sexist to pay more to male soccer players because they bring in a larger audience, which equals to a more significant revenue overall to FIFA Men’s World Cup.

“This isn’t evidence of deeply-ingrained sexism,” he writes. “It’s a reflection of the relative commercial status of men’s and women’s soccer, and each one’s ability to draw a consistent audience. This is the core factor driving merit-based compensation in the entertainment industry. When judged on their merits, the Women’s World Cup teams don’t deserve to be paid as much as their male counterparts.”

He should know that this year more and more people are tuning in to watch women’s soccer because they play better than the U.S. male league.


The writer admits that the U.S. women’s team wins more games than the U.S. men’s team but he points out that in 2017 the women played against teen boys and lost 5 to 2. “Yes, that’s right: Teenage boys beat the women’s top players in the world, and the result wasn’t even close,” he writes and adds. “It does illustrate that even the best women’s soccer in the world doesn’t feature the same level of speed, size, strength, and skill as men’s soccer at lower levels. That isn’t sexism, it’s nature.”

So to recap, this man thinks because men are better at soccer than women (even though they don’t win as much), they still deserve more money because (drum roll), they are generally superior.

Well, he should know, times are changing, and people demand that women soccer players deserve equal pay.

People demanding that equal pay within women’s soccer should be addressed now.

On top of practicing and playing, the women are also fighting for equal pay.

As if they weren’t doing enough already.

They work harder, how many times do we have to say it?

They do not cry over little things on the field like their male counterparts.

It all comes down to gender.

That makes all of this so unfair.

Men take note: change is happening now!

Now back to the game!

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