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This Ice Cream Parlor Has Dogs Everywhere Barking

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If you have a dog, you’ve probably felt the guilt associated with eating ice cream in front of your four-legged friend as he or she gives you its signature sad puppy dog face. You might’ve had your pet have a lick or two… but also probably dealt with the mess that came after ?. Fortunately, there’s now an ice cream parlor in Mexico City that opened its doors to the public that caters specifically to dogs allowing them to enjoy ice cream minus the stomachache.

A dog-friendly ice cream shop just opened up in Mexico City.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

Don Paletto parlor caters to K-9s by offering a variety of frozen treats and paletas that were created to mix up their diet and reward good behavior. Owner Mauricio Montoya says that it’s even safe for humans to eat, so you can race your pets to brain freeze without any worry.

It’s made to safely satisfy their sweetest cravings without causing them indigestion.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

According to the article, the shop makes the ice cream using natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria so it doesn’t cause the dogs to experience diarrhea or stomach pain.

So now, man’s best friend can finally eat his feelings, too.

Adventure Time / Cartoon Network

Dogs can get a variety of flavors such as “Lucky Lucky” and “Gentleman” — even though they’ll inevitably realize that they can’t fill the hole in their hearts with ice cream. Like you on a Friday night, they’ll find themselves as empty and cold as their bowl or cone was back when it was full.

[H/T] Huffington Post: Ice Cream Is Going To The Dogs In Mexico City

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This Puerto Rican Comedian Who Didn't Originally Listen To Dave Chappelle's Advice To Do Comedy, Just Got His Own TV Show

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This Puerto Rican Comedian Who Didn’t Originally Listen To Dave Chappelle’s Advice To Do Comedy, Just Got His Own TV Show

Desus & Mero / Youtube
Credit: Desus & Mero / Youtube

Desus & Mero, the self proclaimed “number one show in Late Night” had New York City’s own DJ Cipha Sounds on their show to talk about Hip-Hop, comedy and how he brings those things together. Cipha is a stand up comedian and host of Hip-Hop Improv With Cipha Sounds on Tidal, which started out as a stage show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. His Hip-Hop Improv show involves interviewing some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop world, then doing improvised comedy on the spot based on their stories.

In this episode, they discussed Cipha’s new show “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks” coming to truTV and also revealed that he watched the famous Rick James “Chapelle Show” sketch before it ever aired and was saying “I’m Rick James, bitch” for six months before it was actually released.

Cipha Sounds was excited AF to be on Desus & Mero.

The sleepy-eyed Puerto Rican, who doesn’t smoke weed despite, as he says, looking like he does, came on the show to discuss a range of topics. He talked about getting into comedy, touring with Bad Boy Entertainment and his new comedy show releasing on truTV.

Although Desus & Mero showed him love on the show, Cipha revealed how Jay-Z has been lowkey dissing him.

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Of course he was mostly joking, as Cipha is signed to Jay-Z’s management company Rocnation, and has his own show on Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service, he did admit that Jay-Z hesitated when Cipha asked him for his new number. Yikes.

His advice on Desus & Mero’s Rainbow was “don’t be a fuck face.”

A tradition on the show, everyone gives a piece of advice or says something they’d like shown in a rainbow above them. Cipha didn’t hesitate, saying “don’t be a fuck face” which is apparently a mantra of his. Basically, it just sounds like the golden rule, with the f-word in the middle of it. And everything is better with the f-word in the middle of it.

Cipha revealed that he’ll be hosting a show on truTV.

According to Hollywood Reporter Cipha Sounds new show “offers a refreshing new take on traditional stand-up comedy. In it, the next generation of comedians bring their hilarious personal stories to life with a playful reinvention of standup.”

Sounds dope and we can’t wait to see it!

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