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For Any Dude Thinking Of Growing Their Hair Out, This Is Real AF

Minority Report / 20th Century Fox / Cisneros ElGreat / YouTube

It might seem like our hairstyles are pretty straight forward, but it’s a constant struggle. If you’re like me, you’ve probably thought about growing your hair out, but haven’t because you’re worried about all the awkward phases between now and where you want your hair to be.

Here’s the struggle I go through every time I try to grow my hair out…

Stage 1: The Fade

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Whether it was a necessary financial decision or a low-maintenance thing, everybody at one point or another has rocked the fade.

Stage 2: The Ready To Meet Her Parents

Minority Report / 20th Century Fox

The standard cut. Also known as the Job Interviewee. This look is perfect for anything professional. The longer this one grows, the less that’s true.

Stage 3: The Mushroom

I feel like toad from super Mario. Lol #animatedyo

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This is a tough time. I mean, well, don’t make me say it. You know what your head looks like.

Stage 4: Too Sick Pompadour

La Bamba / Columbia Pictures

After the taming of the shroom, you’re totally on your way to this classic ‘do.

Stage 5: The F-ck Boy

nikki / YouTube

Congratulations! You’ve unlocked The F-ck Boy. It’s the choice preference for teenage internet stars and bros with IQs somehow lower than their standards.

Stage 6: The Semester Abroad

Assassins / Warner Bros. 

When you were studying in Europe, a beautiful German shot-putter told you that you look sexy with your hair grown long. You listened and it looks glorious, you f*cking Lothario.

Stage 7: The Unemployable


This look moonlights as The Failed Artist. Even with a suit jacket and dress shirt, your look still reads like a vagrant’s resume. Them locks is so long, dude.

Stage 8: The Doomsday Prepper

ScreenSlam / YouTube

This look has been living off the grid for far too long. Telltale signs include offensive body odor.

Stage 9: The Starting Over

The Night Of / HBO

It’s been fun looking like the wild man of Borneo, but things always end where they began. You had a good run, but it’s time to hit the reset button on that rat’s nest, brother. Now, go shave your damn head, and see if it’s not too late for you to rejoin society.

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We Photoshopped One Of Our Dads Into These Romantic Comedy Posters And We Can't Stop Laughing

bad hombres

We Photoshopped One Of Our Dads Into These Romantic Comedy Posters And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Christina Henderson / mitu

Unless your dad’s watching sports, he’s probably the least emotional person in your family. While that’s the role he plays as your dad, it wasn’t always him. I mean, he must’ve been charming at some point, or your mom never would’ve married him. So, if you’re having trouble imagining him as a galán, we photoshopped our coworker’s dad into romantic comedy posters to see what it’d look like if he was the lead in rom-coms.

Dad, we did it with love.

Let’s be honest, dads hate a lot of things.

Christina Henderson / mitu

Just for fun, call your dad and try to find 10 things that he doesn’t hate.

Maybe your dad had a wild side you never knew about.

Christina Henderson / mitu

Your dad’s romantic skills would really shine in this movie.

The way your apá refuses to ask for directions, it wouldn’t take 10 days for him to get lost.

Christina Henderson / mitu

Seriously, he gets lost in the supermarket. All. The. Time. Your mom has to go to the cashier and have her call him over the PA system.

When he’s feelin’ himself, he’s been known to break out his version of ‘El Rey,’ or maybe not, but the time he went all-in during your prima’s quince is still the stuff of a legend.

Christina Henderson / mitu

Point him towards the open bar and get ready for a rendition of ‘Tragos de amargo licor’ that rivals Ramón Ayala any day of the week.

You know pops loves it when someone else does the planning for him.

Christina Henderson / mitu

Seriously, what’s dad without mom?

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