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The 2017 SI Swimsuit Model Is A Brazilian Bombshell

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Sports Illustrated reports that the “polls are closed and the votes have been counted!” At long last, the 2017 SI Swimsuit Model Search is finally over! Hailing from beautiful Rio de Janeiro, your winner, Anne de Paula.

From Brazil, to the pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit / YouTube

As the official winner of the 2017 SI Swimsuit Model Search competition, Anna de Paula is guaranteed to be featured on the pages of SI next February.

Anna didn’t even know she’d won until she read it on a teleprompter live…

OMG GUYS THIS IS REAL!!!! I still cannot believe what is happening.. I AM THE 2017 Model Search winner, is all because of you guys!!! Saying thank you isn't enough after ALL your guys have done to me. What a birthday gift!! MY BDAY IS ON FRIDAY YEYYY!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This means the world to me, I can't stop smiling!!!! I am the happiest girl on earth right now. I will never forget this moment, best day ever!!! Thank you to all my friends in Rio, and everywhere else who voted and helped me in every way. AND BIG THANKS TO MY MOM AND DAD, my biggest supporters, I wouldn't be here without their dedication. This is more than a job, this is a family I just won! I am now part of the @si_swimsuit family!!!! @mj_day @ja_neyney @wilhelminamodels @sergiomattos40 OBRIGADA BRASIL! Voces sao demais!!! Amo amo amo amo muito todos voces, muito obrigada por tudo!!!! Levamos essa!!! É nosso!! Nosso país, nossa cultura! Estou muito feliz e realizada. E vocês são grande parte disso. ❤️?? Obrigada Deus!!! Thanks God!!!

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According to SI, they had the Brazilian bombshell come in to their studios on her birthday for “what she thought was just an average interview on their live show, SI Now.” De Paula realized she’d won as she read it out loud to the teleprompter.

“If you start as a Sports Illustrated model you will do amazing.”

This is a dream I don't wanna wake up from

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Anna is the first SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie and you can expect to see more from her as her career takes off from here.

[H/T] Anne de Paula is the 2017 SI Swimsuit Model Search winner!

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This Flash-Animated Cartoon Character Got Me Through College

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This Flash-Animated Cartoon Character Got Me Through College

homestarrunnerdotcom / YouTube

If you had access to a computer back in the Wild West days of dial-up internet, you probably remember the Flash-animated internet cartoon Homestar Runner and its breakout star, Strong Bad.

Strong Bad started out as the antagonist for the other characters, but eventually became a main feature of the series…

homestarrunnerdotcom / YouTube

Voiced by Homestar Runner co-creator, Matt Chapman, the braggadocious and egocentric character of Strong Bad was a fan favorite because of his self-parodying sensibilities as well as his unplaceable accent and obscure mix of pop culture references that are somehow still ahead of their time.

He grew so popular that he was given his own segment…

homestarrunnerdotcom / YouTube

In the series “Strong Bad Email,” the character was given his own platform to shine like the lucha libre mask clad diamond that he is. The premise is basically that Strong Bad reads emails sent in by fans and then he — while wearing boxing gloves — types up a response as only he could.

“Strong Bad Email” was responsible for some the funniest spinoffs in the whole series…

homestarrunnerdotcom / YouTube

In the same way that “Happy Days” gave birth to “Mork And Mindy” and “Joanie Loves Chachi,” “Strong Bad Emails” spawned “fhqwhgads,” a hilarious musical misunderstanding of a fan’s typo, and “Teen Girl Squad,” which was actually just a comic Strong Bad drew about four teenage girls.

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