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You Kinda Can’t Tell If Christian Bale Is Joking Or Not When He Calls Oscar Isaac A D— In This Podcast

Guatemalan-American actor Oscar Isaac and British actor Christian Bale are the stars of “The Promise” a film that chronicles the Armenian Genocide that took place at the turn of the century at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. If you were paying attention in world history class, the Ottoman Empire is the predecessor to modern day Turkey and the genocide that took place there is still denied by the government even now. Approximately 1.5 million Armenian’s lost their lives and were killed by the government at that time.

Oscaar Isaac stars as one of the leads of “The Promise” a period piece about the Armenian genocide.

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Isaac and Bale, along with Charlotte Le Bon, play characters that form a love triangle at the center of it all.

Recently Isaac and Bale were interviewed for “Little Gold Men” a podcast by Vanity Fair, which gets the inside scoop on films that have Oscar buzz (wouldn’t that be great? For Oscar to get his own Oscar?). The men were interviewed for the podcast recently and have a hilarious bromance. At one point Bale flat out says that Isaac isn’t his friend and calls him a “dick.” There’s a moment of silence, right before everyone in the room bursts out laughing. Total bro-ment (get it? bro moment? no? ok.).

Tune in at the 6:40 mark for their interview, it’s informative and funny.

Credit: Little Gold Men / Vanity Fair / Megaphone

Bale almost sounds like he actually hates Isaac, but it’s all fun. Toward the end of their interview, Bale says Isaac is one of the “finest actors of our generation.” Big compliment coming from the Bale, who has won an Oscar himself and played the coolest Batman of all time.

And if you haven’t yet seen the trailer, check it out below.

Credit: Open Road Films / Youtube

Get those tissues ready.

[H/T] Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac Went into the Desert Together and Came out Friends

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