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LaVar Ball Not Only Bought His Local Handyman A Truck, He Hired Him To Work For Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball, father of Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, became a household name in recent years for his boisterous, braggadocios personality. Ball has said so many outrageous things — he claimed he could beat Michael Jordan one on one, he said Lonzo was better than Steph Curry — that he’s been both lauded for his ability to generate a buzz and criticized for his repeated efforts to stay in the media spotlight. The 48-year-old was also heavily criticized for having his son Lonzo turn down multi-million dollar deals with athletics sponsors such as Nike and Adidas. Instead, LaVar Ball had Lonzo sign with his family’s apparel and shoe company, Big Baller Brand. When Lonzo’s signature shoe was unveiled, many balked at the price tag: $500. The move begged the question: Was LaVar really about building up his son’s career or was he just in it for the money?

Earlier this year, the Lakers drafted Lonzo with the second pick in the NBA draft, despite all the hoopla around LaVar. According to Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson, he spoke with LaVar, who told Magic that his boastful personality was just a marketing strategy. After meeting face to face with LaVar in the family’s Chino Hills home, Johnson said he was impressed by how much of a caring father LaVar was. So who is the real LaVar Ball? Who knows, but a recent video shows that the Ball patriarch is also grateful for those around him. According to ESPN, Ball recently purchased a truck for a handyman who he has known for 15 years.

Here’s a video clip that was posted to Facebook by Michael Henry, a sales person from the dealership where the truck was purchased:

LaVar blessed his handyman with a new truck. Told him, "Get rid of that old one!" ?#BBB (via @bzque)

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Ball told ESPN that wanted to help the man, who has dealt with car troubles for a while. “He’s been working a long time trying to make ends meet. That car ain’t gonna get him from place to place. Now he has a car that can get him from Point A to Point B,” said Ball to ESPN. Not only did he buy the man a truck, Ball also hired him as the property manager of a new Big Baller Brand facility.

Toward the end of the video, you can hear the man tell Ball, “Thank you, patrón.”


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Two Guys Tried To Create A New Kind Of Bodega And Twitter Dragged Them All Over The Place

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Two Guys Tried To Create A New Kind Of Bodega And Twitter Dragged Them All Over The Place

You may have heard about a “new” business called Bodega that is getting a lot of attention today — and not in a good way. Fast Company published a story about two former Google employees that wanted to create “bodega boxes” — essentially, vending machines — that sell products you’d normally find at a convenience store. The boxes are named after the bodegas (corner stores) you’d find in New York that sell you everything from sandwiches to shampoo. Oh, their logo also uses the shape of a cat head as the logo because New York bodegas are known for housing felines who chill and make sure there aren’t any mice around.

As soon as the product was made public knowledge, the response was swift and immediate, with widespread criticism over what many claim is a culturally insensitive use of the word “bodega.” Bodegas are the corner stores you see in New York. Here’s how the Internet responded. Grab your popcorn.

This is the Twitter post and story that sparked the bodega controversy all over Twitter.

Namely, people focused on one paragraph from the Fast Company article that questioned co-founder Paul McDonald about the name. It reads:

“I asked McDonald point-blank about whether he’s worried that the name Bodega might come off as culturally insensitive. Not really. ‘I’m not particularly concerned about it,’ he says. ‘We did surveys in the Latin American community to understand if they felt the name was a misappropriation of that term or had negative connotations, and 97% said ‘no’. It’s a simple name and I think it works.'”

Then, this happened.

Don’t come for the bodegas unless you are ready for a proper dragging.

People quickly pointed out the ridiculousness of suggesting that a cabinet-turned-vending machine was an appropriate “replacement” to the neighborhood bodega.

It sure isn’t.

Especially when it comes to the items that you just can’t get from a vending machine.

How are you supposed to get yourself a proper meal from this glorified IKEA cabinet?

After all, it is the human interactions and the community that makes a bodega a bodega.

Bodegas are more than just profit making businesses. They exist in communities and are an integral part of the community. The owners/workers know your name, your sandwich order, and even your birthday if you’ve been around long enough. That the essence of a true bodega.

Not to mention that some of your neighbors would end up losing their jobs.

Who else stands with and loves their bodega people?

Some are suggesting that the company is really just a way to make them feel more comfortable buying their essentials.

Do they sell burn cream in those cabinets?

They are even being asked to use their “creativity” to help bodegas instead of ending them.

Well, will they?

Mainly because McDonald implied they wanted to disrupt the bodega market.

But why?

People started to send out the message to all bodega cats.

Get your claws ready.

And the beloved bodega cats came out to let the co-founders Paul McDonald and Ashwath Rajan know that this is not a game.

You know that it’s real when the bodega cats leave the store to join in the public criticism.

The backlash from social media prompted McDonald to write a Medium post discussing the name and the reactions.

CREDIT: Bodega Blog / Medium

“Despite our best intentions and our admiration for traditional bodegas, we clearly hit a nerve this morning,” McDonald wrote. “And we apologize to anyone we’ve offended. Rather than disrespect to traditional corner stores — or worse yet, a threat — we intended only admiration.”

Let us know…

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