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Arturito, Darth Vato And Han Cholo Got Together To Celebrate “Estar Guars” Day

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Every year, May the fourth (be with you – and also with you, amen), is the unofficial day to celebrate all things Star Wars. The fandom of Star Wars is strong with the force, but also, the lessons of those treasured movies have evolved into real world consequences, with many establishing the way of the Jedi as an actual religion.

The galaxy far, far away has recently wised up and added more Latinos to their cast. To the joy of many, Diego Luna and Oscar Isaac have been in their most recent hits, “Rogue One” and “The Force Awakens,” respectively. Also announced for a new role, is Benicio Del Toro for the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” And who can forget Jimmy Smits, who has starred as Senator Bail Organa in more Star Wars films than any other Latino, appearing in Episodes II, III and then appearing again in “Rogue One.”

The crossover between Star Wars and Latino culture has been a phenomenal one for social media with “Estar Guars” popping up every year on May the fourth. With it’s proximity to Cinco De Mayo, it really does lend itself to some creative posts. We’ve gathered some of the best “Estar Guars” posts below to celebrate.

1. Vader probably cuts up the meanest tacos al pastor.

2. Princess Leia looks a little more badass with fierce brows and large hoops and this R2D2 is hella cute.

3. But check Leia and R2 out as they link up with the squad, tho.

4. Coolest mom ever.

5. You know “Arturito” has a compartment to stash churros for later.

Perfect shirt to wear today! #arturito #maythe4th #cincodemayo #starwars #estarguars

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6. For  fans, these enamel pins capture the true essence of the day.

7. 50% Frida. 50% Leia. 100% bad-ass.

8. Defacing a wall never looked so good.

9. Is Krennic sniffing a taco? And is Trump the Death Star? Because perfect.

10. Somebody call abuela, because it’s going down!

11. Yes, this version of lotería is actually a real thing. ?

Who's down for some #estarguars #maythefourthbewithyou

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12. If our revolutionaries had light sabers, they would have been unstoppable.

13. At this point “Juan Solo” isn’t that original, but the puns always get me.

14. This one is controversial for sure, but Leia would probably embrace it.

Kween! Princess Lupe Comic by Lalo Alcaraz #maythefourthbewithyou #estarguars

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15. Vader was definitely feeling himself in this pic.

Happy Estar Guars Day #DiegoNacho

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16. Who else wants one of these luchador masks?

17. Oh that’s where he keeps the maraca.

Por que no los dos says Arturito and saves the day #estarguars

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18. Obi-Juan will teach you the ways of the force, mijo.


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19. Chewbacca is definitely the homie when you run into problems.

Chuy heard you were talking smack… him and the homies are gonna get you #estarguars

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And Remember: May the fourth be with you and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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Alex Rodriguez And Derek Jeter Were At CNBC To Talk About Charity And The Interviewer Wouldn't Stop Asking About The Freakin Met Gala

bad hombres

Alex Rodriguez And Derek Jeter Were At CNBC To Talk About Charity And The Interviewer Wouldn’t Stop Asking About The Freakin Met Gala

CNBC / YouTube

This interview started out normal enough, but then…

CNBC’s Bob Pisani sat down with former Yankees players Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter for what was probably supposed to be a light-hearted conversation. What happened instead was a grand slam of awkward questions that felt less like an interview and more like uncomfortable twin brothers being interrogated by their weekend-dad who still can’t tell them apart. Pisini actually calls Jeter “Alex” at one point. It was awesome, for me at least.

Right out of the gate, Pisini fires a shot at A-Rod by bringing up the 2014 season in which Rodriguez was suspended for using illegal performance-enhancement drugs. I mean, he could’ve been a little more subtle. Then Pisini attempts to stoke whatever embers remain of the alleged beef between the two retired athletes. That is, until “Mr. November” Derek Jeter shut him down cold: “You’re bringing up stories from 20 years ago.” Take that.

The whole cringeworthy and painfully glorious interview can be summed up in this GIF:

Yeah, it was that bad.

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[H/T] People WATCH: This Alex Rodriguez-Derek Jeter Interview Is so Painfully Awkward 

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