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Arturito, Darth Vato And Han Cholo Got Together To Celebrate “Estar Guars” Day

Every year, May the fourth (be with you – and also with you, amen), is the unofficial day to celebrate all things Star Wars. The fandom of Star Wars is strong with the force, but also, the lessons of those treasured movies have evolved into real world consequences, with many establishing the way of the Jedi as an actual religion.

The galaxy far, far away has recently wised up and added more Latinos to their cast. To the joy of many, Diego Luna and Oscar Isaac have been in their most recent hits, “Rogue One” and “The Force Awakens,” respectively. Also announced for a new role, is Benicio Del Toro for the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” And who can forget Jimmy Smits, who has starred as Senator Bail Organa in more Star Wars films than any other Latino, appearing in Episodes II, III and then appearing again in “Rogue One.”

The crossover between Star Wars and Latino culture has been a phenomenal one for social media with “Estar Guars” popping up every year on May the fourth. With it’s proximity to Cinco De Mayo, it really does lend itself to some creative posts. We’ve gathered some of the best “Estar Guars” posts below to celebrate.

1. Vader probably cuts up the meanest tacos al pastor.

2. Princess Leia looks a little more badass with fierce brows and large hoops and this R2D2 is hella cute.

3. But check Leia and R2 out as they link up with the squad, tho.

4. Coolest mom ever.

5. You know “Arturito” has a compartment to stash churros for later.

Perfect shirt to wear today! #arturito #maythe4th #cincodemayo #starwars #estarguars

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6. For  fans, these enamel pins capture the true essence of the day.

7. 50% Frida. 50% Leia. 100% bad-ass.

8. Defacing a wall never looked so good.

9. Is Krennic sniffing a taco? And is Trump the Death Star? Because perfect.

10. Somebody call abuela, because it’s going down!

11. Yes, this version of lotería is actually a real thing. ?

Who's down for some #estarguars #maythefourthbewithyou

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12. If our revolutionaries had light sabers, they would have been unstoppable.

13. At this point “Juan Solo” isn’t that original, but the puns always get me.

14. This one is controversial for sure, but Leia would probably embrace it.

Kween! Princess Lupe Comic by Lalo Alcaraz #maythefourthbewithyou #estarguars

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15. Vader was definitely feeling himself in this pic.

Happy Estar Guars Day #DiegoNacho

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16. Who else wants one of these luchador masks?

17. Oh that’s where he keeps the maraca.

Por que no los dos says Arturito and saves the day #estarguars

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18. Obi-Juan will teach you the ways of the force, mijo.


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19. Chewbacca is definitely the homie when you run into problems.

Chuy heard you were talking smack… him and the homies are gonna get you #estarguars

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And Remember: May the fourth be with you and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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Disney Finally Gave Us A Trailer Of Pedro Pascal As A Bounty Hunter In ‘Star Wars’ Series ‘The Mandalorian’


Disney Finally Gave Us A Trailer Of Pedro Pascal As A Bounty Hunter In ‘Star Wars’ Series ‘The Mandalorian’

Since he starred in Netflix’s successful Narcos series about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar and the Cali Godfathers, Pedro Pascal has become a powerhouse in the industry and one of the most revered actors in the era of streaming services. He already conquered Netflix’s audiences, and now he is due to do the same with the new player in the streaming market: Disney+.

This new service is likely to disrupt the power balance of the industry, as Disney owns the most profitable franchises in global entertainment. Yes, Disney has acquired the Marvel Universe, The Simpsons and Star Wars, three properties that are hugely profitable and that have captured our imagination for decades. 

Disney just unveiled its line up for Disney+, and the cereza en el pastel is the first live action TV show in Star Wars history. The Mandalorian follows the adventures of a bounty hunter as the shadow of the Empire looms and the galaxy is in a turmoil of violence and fear. Who you gonna call? Pedro Pascal, of course! Let’s not forget that he is used to big productions. Remember his Machiavellian but doomed character in Game of Thrones?

The Mandalorian is the television event of the year and Pedro Pascal is the leading man!

Credit: Instagram. @themandalorian

This is a big step forward in Pedro Pascal’s career. And, as we predicted back in 2019, this will be his breakthrough year. His name will be inscribed in the history of the galaxy alongside people like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. Not bad for this man born in Santiago, Chile, in 1975. 

The trailer promises tons of action an a dark mood.

Credit: The Mandalorian / Disney+

The action takes place in the outskirts of the galaxy, in the era of the New Republic. The trailer serves us Western mood and shows Pascal’s character as a lone gunfighter. Sounds and looks like a Clint Eastwood Western in space! We are all in for that, honestly! 

This Chilean heartthrob moves among the most powerful figures in the film industry.

Credit: Instagram. @pascalispunk

Pedrito has earned a reputation of being an intense actor with a flare for drama. Besides his famous TV roles he has appeared on the big screen with the likes of Ben Affleck (Triple Frontier) and Denzel Washington (The Equalizer 2). He will star opposite Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984. In this photo we see him with legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. A future collaboration, perhaps? We certainly hope so! 

And he has shown his talents in the sci-fi genre.

Credit: Instagram. @pascalispunk

The 2019 moody sci-fi thriller Prospect shows that Pascal is well suited for the genre. This movie deals with a father-daughter relationship in which Pascal explored his histrionic range rather successfully.  

He has that classic Hollywood air, just like a Latino Marlon Brando.

Credit: Instagram. @pascalispunk

Pedro Pascal has a valuable asset in the industry: he is capable of communicating the sort of vulnerable masculinity that made actors such as Marlon Brando, James Dean and Russell Crowe global superstars. We can totally imagine him in a classic film noir, drinking bourbon in a shady bar. He seems to be perfectly suited for The Mandalorian and we can’t wait! 

Star Wars is more diverse than ever.

Credit: Instagram. @themandalorian

The casting of Pedro Pascal is a watershed moment when it comes to diversity in the franchise. We interviewed Dan Golding, author of the book Star Wars after Lucas: A Critical Guide to the Future of the Galaxy to talk about the politics of the franchise and how important the recent casting of Black and Brown people in leading roles is. 

He told us: “Star Wars has always been political, but under Disney, that’s shifted. When Lucas ran the show, Star Wars acted as political commentary and parable, ranging from the way the original trilogy deliberately allegorized the Vietnam war, to Anakin Skywalker’s paraphrasing of George W. Bush in the prequels. Today though, it’s much more about production and casting – Disney has grasped that who tells stories and which voices are included is as important as what they’re about.”

He added, “While it remains to be seen whether Pascal will even get to show his face as the masked bounty hunter currently known as The Mandalorian, his casting in the lead role reinforces Disney’s willingness to look beyond the stale white predictability that previously made the galaxy far, far away seem very plain indeed.”

And now Diego Luna is in da house! More Latinidad, porfavorcito! 

Credit: Instagram. @themandalorian

Mexican actor Diego Luna famously starred in the sci-fi war film Rogue One in 2016, perhaps the best Star Wars spin-off to dateWell, now our favorite chalorastra (his fans will get the reference, a huevo!) will reprise his role of Cassian Andor in a prequel. It will be a TV show and it promises huge doses of action and Latino attitude. 

I Chose The Name Leia When I Transitioned And Meeting Carrie Fisher Is A Moment I Will Never Forget


I Chose The Name Leia When I Transitioned And Meeting Carrie Fisher Is A Moment I Will Never Forget

Lucas Films / leiacheyanne92 / Instagram

It happened in a galaxy not too far away, meeting interstellar royalty. I was a cashier in a well-known beauty retailer based in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. What started as a trivial shift of organizing lipsticks and rechecking rollerballs became one of the most memorable moments in my life.

I was busy trying to solve the ever-constant mystery of lost pens. Fair to say I wasn’t completely focused on my jobs at hand as I did the meticulous work. I was rather new to Los Angeles and the beauty retail world still learning the ropes.

Credit: leiacheyanne92 / Instagram

It was that in moment a chocolate French bulldog lapped his extra long tongue on my shoes. I bent down laughing, petting him while his tongue spiraled up in between heavy pants. This wasn’t just any pampered pooch off Rodeo Drive, this dog in question was Gary Fisher, the one and only Carrie Fisher’s dog.

Credit: garyfisher / Instagram

This would be a good moment to clear up any confusion. My name is Leia, Carrie Fisher plays a character in the film series, Star Wars, Princess Leia, and Gary Fisher is obviously the full/accepted name of her dog. I wasn’t always named Leia. Up until I was 22, I was Jacob. I’m transgender. Fisher’s Star Wars character Princess Leia was always someone I looked up to. Her strength and fighting spirit are things I could relate to and I wanted to keep her strength with me. My name was now Leia and I was intentionally channeling that strength to guide me.

Credit: leiacheyanne92 / Instagram

So when I looked up to see Carrie Fisher with hundreds of dollars of sheet masks I was speechless. As a kid, I watched this woman run through the Death Star, dodging Stormtroopers braless! These are some of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood. Now it’s key to note, working in Beverly Hills, the easiest way to get fired is by making celebrities feel awkward. Oscar-nominated bad business is frowned upon. While I rang her up all I could mumble about was that her last-minute gold nail polish purchase was the “same shade as C-3PO,” and we smiled. I then saw Carrie’s eyes lock with my name tag and heard her, “Oh my God! Your name!” I nodded. She nodded. We shared a moment of clarity. I was finally acknowledged by Alderaan. Gary, Carrie, and there was I, Leia. It was the same year she passed away, but that particular day two Leia’s met in the middle. The original Princess Leia who inspired my name and taught me what it meant to be a woman had found me, accepted me, and welcomed me into her tribe. You could say it was a little luck or the Force but it’s something I’ll have a long, long time no matter how brief.

Credit: leiacheyanne92 / Instagram

I still work in the beauty industry and getting clients to remember my name comes down to one simple sentence, “Oh, and I’m Leia… like Star Wars.” The whole concept of naming oneself during a transition of gender is daunting. Many transgender/nonbinary identifying people change their name multiple times. My distinction didn’t take much thought. It was my first day in Los Angeles ordering coffee and being asked for my name, “I’m Leia… like Star Wars.” It was easily understood by the majority of the population and thus I became a part of a smile, of a sci-fi connection, of a Carrie Fisher stand up or book prologue. I was suddenly surrounded by the image of a side bunned, hard ass, space princess and if I could leave that in my wake then I knew I could be that much more memorable. Plus, my closest friends already addressed me as Leia at the beginning of my transition so it just made sense. I remember my encounter with Carrie Fisher fondly every year when May The 4th comes around and the power of that moment continues to impact my life.

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