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He Called The Cancellation Of ‘Lopez Tonight’ ‘A Blow To Diversity.’ Now ‘Lopez’ Returns With A Transgender Actress And Way More People Of Color

“TV Land has given me a great opportunity to explore my dysfunction.”

George Lopez is back as “Lopez” returns to TV Land for its second season on Wednesday, March 29th at 10:30 p.m.

Here’s a bit about “Lopez,” in his own words…

ESPN / YouTube

With the popularity of his sitcom “George Lopez” and groundbreaking talk show “Lopez Tonight,” he’s already established himself as a success in television, but what makes “Lopez” different is that it’s a “west coast ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’” says executive producer, writer, and star, George Lopez on ESPN First Take.

“People think that when you make it, all your problems disappear, but I think that when you make it, your problems are just beginning.”

Lopez / TV Land

True to that theory, season 2 picks up where the last one left off as Lopez takes on the problems that come with finally getting his residency in Vegas.

Luckily for Lopez, his team is there to help…

Lopez / TV Land

Anthony ‘Citric’ Campos reprises his role as “Manolo,” Lopez’s driver and confidant, Hayley Huntley returns as Lopez’s fledgling manager “Olly,” and Maronzio Vance is back as Lopez’s witty opening act. Together, they help Lopez deal with the issues of his fading pop culture relevancy as they try to advance his career by pitching a network drama for him to produce as well as star in.

And in season 2, the cast becomes even more diverse…

TV Land / YouTube

When talking about his late night show “Lopez Tonight,” Lopez said, “That show should still be on…” and spoke about its cancellation as, “a blow to diversity.” Deadline reports that the already diverse cast of “Lopez” will expand even more as season 2 prominently features a recurring character named Coco, who is played by transgender actress, Rain Valdez.

Set your DVR for the season 2 premiere of “Lopez” on TV Land.

TV Land / YouTube

In case you missed season 1, you can catch it on

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