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Read This And You’ll Be Able To Buy A Car Without Even Bringing Your Dad Along

This is everything you need to confidently walk onto any car lot and buy a car like a boss.


If you’ve ever bought a car, you know how it feels to be taken for a ride. Aside from asking for someone’s hand in marriage, it’s the trickiest negotiation known to man. From the moment you step onto the lot, you belong to the car salesman, and he knows it. Here’s everything you need to confidently walk onto any car lot and buy a car like a boss.

Go to your bank and setup financing so you’ll be in the driver’s seat when the salesperson asks what monthly payments you can afford.


If you line up financing with your own bank or credit union, you’ll usually get a better deal than what the car salesman offers. That way, you have a choice: you can go with the loan from your bank or you can use it as leverage to get the dealer to give you a better loan.

Also, the longer it takes you to pay your loan, the more money they’ll make on your loan. So, keep an eye on that when they try to lower your monthly payments just to extend it.

If you roll up to the dealership, never discuss your old car’s trade-in value as part of the sale.

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Don’t overestimate your car’s value. It won’t be considered “Like New” if it’s 5+ years old, no matter what condition it’s in. Learn the value of your trade-in, especially if there’s damage. Beaters sell for parts, so keep that in mind when negotiating the final sale price. Research your vehicle on KBB, so you don’t go in blind.

If a dealer advertises a car that isn’t on the lot when you go to see it, it could be a bait and switch.

 Dude Where’s My Car? / Twentieth Century Fox

Make sure you read the article’s fine print because if a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is. This Day 1 tactic gets you in, and then the salesman tells you the vehicle’s already been sold. That’s when they start trying to sell you a more expensive alternative.

If you want a car they don’t have or one they they do, in a different color, the dealer may offer to get it from another dealership. Don’t let ’em.

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Often, you could be the one footing the bill for that flimflammery. When they make deals with other lots, they gotta ship the cars from Point A to Point B, and in these dealer swaps, the consumer usually loses.

Dealers always try to negotiate from the sticker price, which is usually already way above the car’s actual cost.

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The sticker price is over-inflated with silly fees, so any conversation based off that number has you at a disadvantage. Visit websites like AutoNation and TrueCar to get an estimate of sale prices of cars for sale in your area.

Test drive the car you’re thinking about buying to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

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If the salesperson insists on coming along, don’t be intimidated by their hovering supervision. Open that son of a bitch all the way up and really see how it handles.

Look at the invoice to see if you’re getting screwed by the “Vehicle-Preparation Fee” and the bullshit charges that come with it.

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The fees can vary from state to state, so doing your homework will help you throughout this whole process. Make sure to check out automotive sites like Edmunds to help guide you through these kinds of fees.

When they try to upsell you on unnecessary bullshit like mud flaps or sealants, just say “no.”

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Everything extra can be purchased cheaper elsewhere. It’s like when you bring your car in to a garage for regular maintenance and those jerks try to get you to buy new windshield wipers for at least double the price of what you’d pay at Autozone or whatever.

Look, you’re probably gonna get screwed no matter what, but at least knowing that is good start.

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Like the Claw Machine game at the arcade or snacks at the movie theatre, some things are just designed to take your money. Unfortunately, buying cars is the heavyweight champion of things that take advantage of you. So, get busy haggling or get busy dying.

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VIDEO: TV Reporter Jumps On Cars At Car Show, Damaging Vintage Cars, And Gets Fired


VIDEO: TV Reporter Jumps On Cars At Car Show, Damaging Vintage Cars, And Gets Fired

Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

As a journalist, sometimes it can be a bit tedious to cover the same kind of story year after year. Yes, that’s a straight-up complaint but if the reporter is a person with integrity, they will conduct themselves in a professional manner regardless of the task at hand. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at the same job for one year or 10 years, be respectful of the job you are paid to do. Those are some basic rules for all professions. However, not everyone lives under those guidelines. If you want a lesson on what not to do on the job, look no further than this reporter at a vintage car show.

Reporter Angel Cardenas was conducting a routine live segment for morning viewers on a classic auto show when things went downhill fast.

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

Cardenas, a KMAX-TV’s “Good Morning Sacramento” reporter, was on the scene to preview the Sacramento International Auto Show. The segment was featuring a slew of classic cars and Cardenas was clearly clueless about the entire event. His candor with the female anchors was completely casual, almost as if he wasn’t on live television at all. 

When one of the anchors asked him how many cars were at the auto show, Cardenas said, “oh you’re going to put me on the spot?” Cardenas went on to say that he was there with only a coordinator on hand, so he had no basic information to provide viewers. Here’s a pro-tip for emerging reporters: research the event you’re covering before arriving at the event. 

Cardenas took it upon himself to get into one of the cars, which caused damage to the vintage vehicles. 

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

“I feel like a kid in a candy store without the owner because you can do anything,” he told viewers. He used that unwarranted freedom to open the door to a vintage pink Ford Thunderbird. When he went to open the door, he took no precaution with the car and ended up hitting the car next to it. “Are you kidding?” one of the anchors says to him “Leave your name and number on the dashboard.” 

Cardenas went on toward the newer cars and even though there was a sign that said “Please keep off displays,” Cardenas said, “can I just finish up this live shot posing on the hood for my friends Tina and Ashley?”

Sure enough, without getting any kind of permission, Cardenas jumped on a Ford SUV as well. He then said, “oh it looks like I’m going to get in trouble,” and he sure did. 

Credit: Ford Thunderbird Forum / YouTube

The Sacramento International Auto Show ended up filing a complaint against Cardenas, which resulted in his termination from the news channel.  The Sacramento International Auto Show released a statement on Facebook, which stated: “After the Producer of the Sacramento International Auto Show reached out to the General Manager of KMAX TV regarding yesterday’s astonishingly awful incident, she received a call this morning from the GM that the reporter from the Good Day Sacramento segment has been terminated immediately and the station expressed their sincerest apologies for the incident.”

It’s no secret that Cardenas likes to cause trouble while on TV. In fact, he has a YouTube channel that pays. He thinks his antics are funny, apparently.

He loves showing off his talents, which include (according to him) dancing, singing, walking into other people’s segments, interviewing a horse, and more! We’re thinking Cardenas doesn’t want to be a reporter but more like a late-night TV host or something. We initially thought Cardenas had no experience as a journalist, considering his unpreparedness, but we stand corrected. According to Newsweek, Cardenas got his B.A. in Communications from Saint Mary’s College of California and had been with “Good Day Sacramento” since 2012. With such an extensive career as a reporter you would think he would no better. Looks like the head honchos at KMAX-TV’s “Good Morning Sacramento” had had enough of his “funny” segments because they ended kicking him to the curb. 

Here’s the entire clip of the segment that got Cardenas fired.

Cardenas has yet to comment on his termination. Do you think he deserved to get fired for that? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Here’s How You Can Support Your Incarcerated Family Members If You Don’t Know How

Things That Matter

Here’s How You Can Support Your Incarcerated Family Members If You Don’t Know How

Hédi Benyounes / Unsplash

Talking about our primos in prison is taboo. If you ever had a family member in prison, you may avoid talking about it outside your family circle. The incarcerated family member then becomes a ghost, a cautionary tale, or a source of shame. We forget how they arrived in this situation and hesitate to offer support. Looking closely at issues that contribute to mass incarceration in this country can offer insights into the matter. It’s time we take a new approach to incarcerated family, and offer help in ways the correctional system refuses. It’s time to humanize our imprisoned primos and primas, showing love and empathy that we would want to see if we were behind bars.

Considering the U.S. census shows Hispanics make up 18.3 percent of the population, it is bewildering how they come to make up 32 percent of the Federal inmate population.

However, looking at social issues that plague the Latinx community, it is no surprise that low levels of education, poverty, and structural discrimination lead to incarceration. With the latest instances of aggression toward the Latinx community at the presidential level, it will be no surprise if acts of discrimination and targeting of Latinos continues to rise.

What other factors contribute to the incarceration of Latinos?

Credit: Bill Oxford / Unsplash

The Pew Research Center reports that in 1991, 60 percent of Latinos were sentenced in federal court for drug-related offenses, and 20 percent for immigration crimes. Yet, these figures changed dramatically, with 48 percent of sentences for immigration crimes, and 37 percent of sentences for drug-related crimes in 2007.

The incarceration of Latinos is feeding into the conversation around the school to prison pipeline.

Credit: @LatinoPPF / Twitter

What is the prison experience really like? Netflix series like Ava DuVernay’s “When They See Us,” and “Orange is the New Black” help pull back the curtain on the harsh realities of prison life. More than just TV shows, these depictions exposed micro and macro ways the U.S., home to the largest prison population in the world, focuses not on prisoner rehabilitation, but recidivism instead.

When we think about our family members in prison, we need to remember that they could be facing sexual violence, lack of access to mental health services, solitary confinement, and denial of their reproductive rights.

Credit: Mitch Lensink / Unsplash

It may be the case that an incarcerated family member’s situation is shrouded in mystery and whispers, but this need not be the case. It is not only time to confront these matters at the family level, but to address them at the social level as well. The first step may begin with actually accepting that inmate call. Ask what your family member is going through and share that with the family if he or she permits. You may feel a sense of hopelessness, but there is so much you can do to help not only your own family members but the greater incarcerated Latino community too.

Moving beyond thoughts and prayers—although they’re good too—here are substantive ways you can help incarcerated family members.

Credit: @Art4JusticeFund / Twitter
  • Visit if you can. Even if it is only a few times a year, the impact of human contact cannot be overstated. Ensure you are on the approved visitor’s list before you go. Bring identification and arrive early. Be a good listener and most importantly, show that family love.
  • The experience of visiting prison can be inconvenient or even traumatic, so if you feel you cannot commit this fully then try a virtual visit. Apps like JPay offer inmate services like email, video visitation, and secure payment transfers. Send pictures of the family or a video of a holiday gathering.
  • If apps prove to be intimidating, try sending a letter. Have picture printed out—old school style—and include them in your letters. Families are full of births, marriages, and so many other beautiful life events. Share them with your primos and primas who can’t be there with you. If you feel like you simply don’t want to communicate with your incarcerated family member, but you still want to contribute to the cause in some way, join a prison pen pal organization and bring a sense of human connection to others.
  • Another way to help the family behind bars is to send books. The organization, NYC books through bars, understands how much books can help with the rehabilitation and the education process in prison.
  • With vulnerable peoples such as the trans community,  women in prison, those with mental health needs, simply raising awareness on their behalf can be a radical act of kindness.
  • Another act of solidarity with your incarcerated family member is to donate to the ACLU Prisons Project. “Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, we work to ensure that conditions of confinement are consistent with health, safety, and human dignity and that prisoners retain all rights of free persons that are not inconsistent with incarceration.”

If you have a family member in prison, it is important to their own recovery and reformation to know they have people who love and support them.

Credit: aclu_nationwide / Instagram

With an array of opportunities to help our family members in prison, it is important to note that reintroduction to society can pose a major challenge for former inmates. These are areas where you can help too. Our imprisoned family members may have been victims of the system, they may have survived the only way they know how, or maybe they just made a mistake. Whatever the circumstance, the key is to remember they are human, and most importantly, they are familia. So ask yourself, for their sake and the sake of our community, what can you do to help?

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