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If You Actually Care About Your Novia, Here’s Some Ways You Can Prove It

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You don’t have to be married in order for the expression “Happy wife, happy life” to relate to you. As is the case in every kind of partnership, the success of your relationship depends heavily on the effort put into maintaining the team’s morale. So, here’s a list of ways that you can go the extra mile and become a better teammate to your novia.

When she wants to unload some spicy chisme, let her… no matter how long it takes.

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Even if you don’t care, and you won’t, because you don’t even know the people she’s dishing on. Just smile politely and nod. Occasionally pay attention and read her vibe, so you can pretend to aggressively take her side in a way that shows her you’re listening and that you got her back.

Surprise her with things that only you know she loves.

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If you know she likes comics, surprise her with a graphic novel. Send her favorite flowers to her work for no reason. If she likes to travel, pack her bags and book a trip to somewhere you know she’ll love.

Compliment her intelligence as often as her beauty.

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Remind her that she’s at least a triple threat. Tell her she’s beautiful, but also brilliant, and the very model of modern-day womanhood.

If she makes herself look silly in public, join her in looking ridiculous.

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You’ve been there before, so you know how much she’ll appreciate you standing by her when she’s looking foolish. One person looking silly alone is odd, but two people being confidently ridiculous is a demonstration of solidarity that moves through the room like a choreographed dance in clown shoes.

When she asks you something that requires a delicate answer, chew on your words a while before answering so you can respond sensitively.


Unless it’s definitely your hill to die on, weigh the pros and cons carefully. What she’ll probably consider the wrong answer here might float if you take the time to fully form your argument and then phrase it exactly right.

If she ever admits that she was wrong about something, forgive her right away.

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You know how hard it can be to admit when you’re wrong, so take any “W” with class. Show her your capacity for compassion by demonstrating your ability to accept her when she’s made a mistake.

Pay close attention to her emotional needs…

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Women experience a whole range of emotions even when it isn’t that time of the month. Tend to her feelings by asking if she needs anything by checking in with her about her day. Go next level by putting on a Lifetime movie and sharing a real cry with her.

…As well as her needs in the bedroom.

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Sex is a team sport, so if you both don’t win, you lose. Being an attentive lover is paramount in learning what she likes and how to satisfy her. Luckily, it’s often the thought that counts, so your eagerness to please her will go a long way. Also, it’s not just a sexual thing, spoon with her at least until your arm falls asleep, dude.

Like you, the easiest way to her heart is through her stomach… because they get hangry af.


Women and men are a lot alike. Satisfy her appetite and you’ll win her over before the food coma hits.

But remember, a relationship is give and take, so she’ll need to be there for you in all the ways you’re there for her.


If your novia isn’t reciprocating your efforts, let her know. It’s your responsibility to be honest with each other, so don’t be afraid to open up and be clear about what you need from her.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and the only ship worth a damn is a relationship or whatever. Am I right?!

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Here's A List Of 9 Latino Video Game Characters Who Kick Ass

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Here’s A List Of 9 Latino Video Game Characters Who Kick Ass

colin newman / Tatiana T / Flickr

Latinos are generally as underrepresented in video games as they are on television. But, as anybody who plays fighting games knows, it’s quality over quantity. Here’s a list of the 9 greatest Latino video game characters who kick ass.

1) King in Tekken


Hailing from Mexico, King is the undisputed champion of fighting game characters. He entered The King of Iron Fist Tournament just so he could afford to build an orphanage. It’s hard not to love this jaguar mask-clad luchador.

2) Blanka in Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II – Champion Edition / CAPCOM

Blanka is the most electrifying character on this list. In the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, he’s billed as “a feral fiend from the jungles of Brazil, who hones his skills by fighting man-eating predators.”

3) Eddy Gordo in Tekken

IGN / YouTube

Although he wasn’t the first video game character to use the Capoeira fighting style, Eddy Gordo put the Brazilian martial art on the map.

4) El Fuerte in Street Fighter IV

XGAMER 744 / YouTube

For El Fuerte, being a chef is more than just a wrestling gimmick, it’s a fighting style. When the bell rings, it’s “Super Dynamic Cooking Time,” and this Mexican luchador cooks up an ass-kicking.

5) El Stingray in Saturday Night Slam Masters

drunkenmaster226 / YouTube

The high-flying El Stingray is one of the earliest lucha libre-inspired video game characters. Rumored to have been based on real-life Mexican wrestlers Blue Demon and Lizmark, his style is as quick as it is fun to watch. His “Jalapeño Comet Attack” was ahead of its time when it debuted in 1993.

6) Pepe Rodriguez & Pupa Salgueiro in Rage Of The Dragons

neokbron / YouTube

Pupa Salgueiro is a wrench-wielding Brazilian fighter who got into tournament combat to find her missing brother. She’s the second fighter in this list who uses Capoeira, but she’s the first and only female. She’s joined by Pepe Rodríguez, a Mexican martial artist whose style is known (at least in the game) as Aztec Great Phoenix Style.

7) El Blaze in Virtua Fighter 5

MrGSTAR321 / YouTube

“Hot dog!” It’s El Blaze! He’s on this list because his lightning quick style of lucha libre fighting was a highlight for anybody that played this Sega classic.

8) Sean Matsuda in Street Fighter V

PC Best Mods / YouTube

Sean Matsuda comes from an accomplished Brazilian fighting family, but his inspiration for tournament fighting is his hero, Street Fighter OG, Ken Masters.

9) T. Hawk in Super Street Fighter II

TheInnocentSinful / YouTube

T. Hawk is a feather-and-face-paint-wearing fighter from Mexico who kinda looks like an American sports mascot. Yep. You read that right. Ridiculous? Maybe. Despite that, he made the list because he blazed a trail as the first Mexican character to appear in the Street Fighter series. He’s tough to play, but if you can learn the Tomahawk Buster, you really got something.

All of these fighters either come from Mexico or Brazil. As our culture becomes more and more prevalent, where will the next Latino characters come from?

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