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Roberto Aguayo Was Fired And HBO Recorded It All For ‘Hard Knocks’

Credit: Hard Knocks / HBO

Last year, we told you the story of Roberto Aguayo, the Mexican-American kicker who was so good in college that he was picked in the second round of the NFL Draft. Aguayo practiced kicking footballs at home, after his father built a field goal in their backyard for his son to practice on. Aguayo eventually earned a scholarship to Florida State University, where he became the most accurate kicker in college football history.

Unfortunately for Aguayo, he struggled during his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were criticized for choosing a kicker in the second round of the NFL draft (kickers are usually drafted in late rounds).

The 23-year-old didn’t just miss field goals, he also struggled with extra points, which are now taken at the 15-yard line.

Aguayo was hoping to bounce back, but his struggles continued into this year’s NFL preseason.

In this clip from HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks,’ we see that even Aguayo’s teammates would take digs at him during practice.

And things only got worse during a preseason game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, when Aguayo missed an extra point and a 47-yard field goal.

Via: Sports Outlet / YouTube

After his performance versus the Bengals, Aguayo was let go. And, yes, HBO’s “Hard Knocks”captured the moment Aguayo was released from the team.

When the news was broken to him, Aguayo remained mostly quiet. After being thanked for his services, he replies only “Thank you.”

CREDIT: Credit: Hard Knocks / HBO

It must be difficult to hear you’ve been let go just one year into your football career.

Some wondered why the Bucs were so quick to release Aguayo. Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski, one of the league’s most consistent kickers, also had a rough rookie season.

Although the Bucs decided to move on, Aguayo’s career isn’t over. The Chicago Bears signed Aguayo after his release, hoping the young kicker can provide competition against veteran Conor Barth.

Aguayo told that he’s going to push forward: “I know the integrity and what I have inside me. That doesn’t define me as a man. I’m defined by how I keep my head up and keep pushing. That’s in the past now. Yeah, at the time it hurt. But there’s new opportunities and I’m here now, so this is my next opportunity and I’m looking forward to making the most of it.”

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These Soapbox Cars Will Either Have You Drooling At The Mouth Or Will Give You Major Nostalgia

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These Soapbox Cars Will Either Have You Drooling At The Mouth Or Will Give You Major Nostalgia

Over 50 homemade soapbox cars gathered in Los Angeles this weekend for Red Bull’s ‘Soapbox Race,’ and some of these race cars are so good looking, they might even make your mouth water…?


Over 50 teams gathered in Los Angeles on August 20th to present their badass soapbox racers for Red Bull’s 2017 Soapbox event. With a total of 61 teams competing against each other, they showcased their non-motorized race cars and then challenged each other in a downhill race. Despite the large number of teams competing against each other, not one soapbox was the same as the other.

This group dressed up as the condiments that go with the elote: Mayonnaise, cheese, butter and chili powder… And now I’m hungry.

Inspired by L.A.’s own fruit vendors, soapbox Frutas y Furioso was also present.


Yes, that’s right, The Fruit And The Furious. ???

Another food related soapbox at the event was the ‘Caliente Perro,’ which you might recognize if you’re familiar with the L.A. night life.


This is the type of soapbox race car I need every time I come out of the club starving.

Also inpired from their own culture and identity is the piñata soapbox, which is cleverly named: ‘I’d smash that.’


This one for sure has to be my favorite. ??

As a fun parody of Batman and as a tribute to Adam West, this team of comic lovers got together and built this soapbox:


Here you have Fatman, featuring his Fatmobile.

To accompany Fatman and his Fatmobile is ‘Blue Demon,’ which is inspired by the wrestler Lucha Libre.


“The majority of us are adults and we figured it’d be a cool thing to relive our childhood when we would play that we were these characters,” said Edgar Alvarado to Red Bull. 

Making people feel super nostalgic is the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” inspired soapbox.


And if you zoom in, you’ll notice that the license plate says ‘FRESH.’

Anyone who has ever been too broke to afford a full meal immediately identifies with this soapbox.


This just needs some limón y tapatío.

To go perfectly with that Cup-O-Noodles is this Siracha racer.


I prefer some Tapatío or Cholula, but this will do.

But if you don’t dig Cup-O-Noodles, no worries. There’s also this pizza inspired soapbox:


If only the pizza didn’t have mice above it…

Lastly, here’s the ‘Street Taco’ soapbox:


And if you’re familiar with street tacos (from taco trucks), then you’ll know that this isn’t a real street taco.

But no matter what these soapbox racer cars looked like, each one of them was inspired one way or another by the group’s culture, community and identity. And that was definitely my favorite part about it. ??

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