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Gone In 95 Seconds: A 2.2-Pound Burrito Versus The Girl Of Our Dreams

Nela Zisser is a model, but she’s also a pro eater who took down a 2.2-pound burrito in just a minute and a half.

Whether you fancy yourself an amateur masticater that dabbles in snacks or a full-on professional competitive eater who devours worlds, this girl will definitely keep you on your burri-toes. The human garbage disposal (if it’s possible to call someone that in a good way) puts down a monster-sized tortilla jam-packed with a heaping helping of meat, rice, beans and cheese in 95 seconds — 9 seconds quicker than she did when she tried it a couple years ago! According to THRILLIST, the average burrito from Chipotle weighs around a pound and a half. How’s that for perspective?

But, Nela doesn’t just limit herself to Mexican food challenges, she’s taken on chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and everything from vegan platters to decadent sweets. You might even remember her as the beauty that ate 50 Krispy Kreme Donuts in about 25 minutes, or the beast that ravaged 100 cheeseburgers in less than 2 hours.

What do you think? Is she the girl of your dreams or competitive eating opponent of your nightmares?


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