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This Puerto Rican Comedian Who Didn’t Originally Listen To Dave Chappelle’s Advice To Do Comedy, Just Got His Own TV Show

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Desus & Mero, the self proclaimed “number one show in Late Night” had New York City’s own DJ Cipha Sounds on their show to talk about Hip-Hop, comedy and how he brings those things together. Cipha is a stand up comedian and host of Hip-Hop Improv With Cipha Sounds on Tidal, which started out as a stage show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. His Hip-Hop Improv show involves interviewing some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop world, then doing improvised comedy on the spot based on their stories.

In this episode, they discussed Cipha’s new show “Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks” coming to truTV and also revealed that he watched the famous Rick James “Chapelle Show” sketch before it ever aired and was saying “I’m Rick James, bitch” for six months before it was actually released.

Cipha Sounds was excited AF to be on Desus & Mero.

Tonight catch me on @desusandmero on @viceland It's gonna be LIT???

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The sleepy-eyed Puerto Rican, who doesn’t smoke weed despite, as he says, looking like he does, came on the show to discuss a range of topics. He talked about getting into comedy, touring with Bad Boy Entertainment and his new comedy show releasing on truTV.

Although Desus & Mero showed him love on the show, Cipha revealed how Jay-Z has been lowkey dissing him.

tonight's guest: @ciphasounds

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Of course he was mostly joking, as Cipha is signed to Jay-Z’s management company Rocnation, and has his own show on Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service, he did admit that Jay-Z hesitated when Cipha asked him for his new number. Yikes.

His advice on Desus & Mero’s Rainbow was “don’t be a fuck face.”

A tradition on the show, everyone gives a piece of advice or says something they’d like shown in a rainbow above them. Cipha didn’t hesitate, saying “don’t be a fuck face” which is apparently a mantra of his. Basically, it just sounds like the golden rule, with the f-word in the middle of it. And everything is better with the f-word in the middle of it.

Cipha revealed that he’ll be hosting a show on truTV.

According to Hollywood Reporter Cipha Sounds new show “offers a refreshing new take on traditional stand-up comedy. In it, the next generation of comedians bring their hilarious personal stories to life with a playful reinvention of standup.”

Sounds dope and we can’t wait to see it!

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Mexican Rapper Niña Dioz’s ‘Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios’ is a Hip-Hop Album for Women and Queer Folks


Mexican Rapper Niña Dioz’s ‘Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios’ is a Hip-Hop Album for Women and Queer Folks

Mexico’s premier queer rapper Niña Dioz released her new album Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios on Friday. With 12 new tracks, she flexes her versatility as an artist in genres like reggaeton, Latin trap, and R&B.

Dioz is making the Latin hip-hop scene more inclusive for women and people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Echoing Dioz’s stance as a voice for the non-conforming in Latin hip-hop, she offers a powerful message about her LP. “To all the warrior witches, cabronas, fighting against the tide… oye!” she said in a statement.

In a machista hip-hop scene, Dioz has represented the communities who are often left out: the women and queer folks. Her career spans over a decade. In the US, she made her live debut at South by Southwest in 2009. In 2018, Dioz released her album Reyna through Nacional Records, the label that’s also behind Amor, Locura y Otros Vicios.

Her new album includes multiple all-women collaborations with artists like Hispana and Rebeca Lane.

Dioz’s latest album is the perfect release for Women’s History Month with multiple all-women collaborations. In “Mezcal,” she blends hip-hop with a ranchera music edge. Dioz teams up with fellow Mexicana Hispana. “¡Viva México cabronas!” she wrote on YouTube about the music video.

Dioz’s bruja shout-out opens the song “Kamikaze” featuring Guatemalan artist Rebeca Lane. A hypnotic flute and hard-hitting trap beats back the women as they unleash their lyrical ammo. “I don’t need a cabellero because I do what I want,” Dioz spits in Spanish. It’s an explosive and empowering anthem all in one.

Another standout on the album is “Último Perreo” where Dioz shines alone. Dioz throws an inclusive club party where she perreas with another woman as folks in the LGBTQ+ community are living their best lives.

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Jenny Solares Is One IG Creator Everyone Needs To Follow


Jenny Solares Is One IG Creator Everyone Needs To Follow

A year in quarantine has led so many of us to doom scroll and get lost in social media. As a result, some people are getting more recognition and one person who should be getting your attention is Jenny Solares, or @es_jenny_solares on Instagram.

Jenny Solares is here with the relatable content we all want.

The Guatemalan content creator knows what the people want to see. How many times have you heard someone say that they like a woman who can eat? Well, as Jenny urges, prove it, y’all. Take your lady out and get her all of the food that she wants. Let’s go!

Now, that’s how you add salsa to someone’s food. If you didn’t already think this way when adding salsa to your tacos, you definitely will now. It’s just impossible not to.

We also love seeing her collaborating with Estefania Saavedra, a fellow Latina creator. A rising tide lifts all boats so we appreciate seeing these Latinas working together.

Solares is even creating brand new identities.

Cholas will forever have a place in our hearts. We know cholas. We love cholas. We are related to cholas. Solares’ creation of the glola is truly a work of art. Just because you’re a chola doesn’t mean you can’t love glitter and colors.

She’s even got some of the Covid humor in check.

There are going to be so many school assignments about this year in the coming years. Kids will be learning about the time the world stood still as we battled an out-of-control virus. It is going to be us having to tell the little ones about that time and it’s going to be rough. Get ready to reliving everything we have been dealing with for the last year.

On top of all of the comedy, Solares is ready to show her fans some real love for their support.

“Thank you all for letting me be me. Thank you for appreciating my silliness, my craziness, my songs, my dances, my imperfections,” Solares tells her fans in a year-end video. “Thank you for letting me be myself. This year was full of so much sadness, uncertainty, frustration, and, for a lot of people, loneliness. Thank you all for not letting me feel that loneliness.”

Thank you, Jenny. Your comedy has been a bright spot for so many during an incredibly hard and sad year.

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