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Canelo, Triple G and Oscar De La Hoya Are Hyping Up Their Fight So Mayweather Vs. McGregor Doesn’t Steal Their Thunder

The highly anticipated fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Genaddy “GGG” Golovkin is still a few months away — it’s scheduled for September 16 in Las Vegas — but the two fighters are already making the rounds to promote their fight. Most likely prompted by the hype created after the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight announcement, Álvarez, Golovkin and Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” to discuss the upcoming fight. Here’s what went down:

“First Take” Co-Host Max Kellerman asked Golovkin, who is 35, if he’s slowing down at all. Golovkin said “no.”

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

Kellerman asked: “Are you the same fighter you were five years ago?” GGG’s response: “The same. I feel great. Like 25 years old.”

Kellerman then asked Canelo what he thought about GGG being the “hardcore fans’ favorite fighter.”

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

Canelo said he wasn’t fazed by it at all: “Cada quien tiene sus fans, yo los mios. Yo todavia estoy haciendo mi historia. Tengo 26 años y no me molesta. Cada quien tiene lo suyo (Everyone has their fans. I have mine. I’m still writing my history. I’m 26 years old and it doesn’t bother me. Everyone has their own thing).”

Canelo then responded to those who felt he was “ducking” a fight with GGG.

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

Canelo said he was annoyed at the accusations, but said he would use it to motivate him in the fight: “Since the age of 15 I haven’t been afraid of anyone. I’ve fought with everyone.”

Co-host Stephen A. Smith asked De La Hoya what he thinks about the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

The former champ said the Mayweather and McGregor fight was just a show. “This fight is the real fight. This is the middleweight fight the fans have been clamoring for, for a long time,” said De La Hoya.

Then, Smith cut to the chase: he asked GGG and Canelo if they disliked each other. GGG smiled and joked, “Sometimes.”

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

Canelo said he has no personal beef with GGG, but emphasized that he’s “obsessed” with fighting him and beating him.

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN

Oscar De La Hoya, who was translating for Canelo, took a few liberties with his translations and YouTube commenters noticed.

CREDIT: First Take / ESPN / YouTube

It was clear that De La Hoya was more focused on promoting that translating.

Oh, GGG also made an appearance on Univision Radio’s “El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo” show. They tried to get the Kazakh fighter to sing “El Rey” in Spanish, but he couldn’t really do it. He made up for it by doing a little dance:

Credit: Univision Radio / YouTube

Watch the full clips of Canelo and GGG’s “First Take” appearance here:

Credit: ESPN / YouTube

And here:

Credit: ESPN / YouTube

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An Artist In Indiana Is Drawing Iconic Singers And Actors As Aztec Characters And It Is Amazing


An Artist In Indiana Is Drawing Iconic Singers And Actors As Aztec Characters And It Is Amazing

qetzaart / Instagram

For the last few years, Jorge Garza has been making a name for himself in the world of art with his Aztec-inspired drawings infused with pop culture figures. Garza’s Instagram page is a showcase of his unique work that includes illustrations of Latin figures like the Chapulín and luchador fighters. He goes by the artist name Quetza as a nod to his Aztec work that he’s heavily influenced by. 

Whether its the graphics, colors, and finishes in his work, Garza’s work is a testament to his knowledge and passion for Aztec art. His work showcases many sharp details and takes a classic process, from pencil sketches to digitization. While his style is varied in some ways from original Aztec style work he still includes details like the use of skulls, snakes, and details of Mexican culture. Garza also has his own online store where he showcases and sells many of his own original designs. Currently, he is working on an art book that will be focusing on his passion of Aztec/Pop Culture. 

While the Northwest Indiana artist has been around for quite some time, he might have gotten his biggest moment yet as his drawing of the “Queen of Tejano” got quite the attention online. Within hours of posting his “Aztec Selena” illustration on Facebook, the image was met with overwhelming attention from fans and strangers alike.  

Anytime you can pay tribute to the queen Selena you’re going to get love on social media.

Credit: qetzaart / Instagram

His Selena artwork was quickly shared and spread across social media with many in return getting to look at Garza’s overall portfolio of work. Upon first posting the sketch on Facebook Wednesday, Garza had no clue that it would receive more than 5,000 shares and well over 3,000 likes.

“I love Aztec artwork and its been a big influence in my work,” Garza told My San Antonio. “I respect Selena and the influence she has had on Mexican-American culture so I uploaded it … and I did not expect the feedback I had. It’s overwhelming.”

He says his viral drawing is a testament to the love and adoration that Selena fans still have even after all these years after her passing. Garza had planned to draw this specific piece for years and felt like now was the perfect time to put together this tribute to the “Como la Flor” singer. 

His collection of Aztec-inspired illustrations come from a special place in Garza’s heart. He grew up with a love for Mexican pre-Hispanic art that he learned about at a young age.

Credit: qetzaart / Instagram

As a young boy living in Indiana, Garza learned about Aztec culture and the complexity of the civilizations during that time period. But it was the artwork during that time that truly inspired him to become an artist. Since then, Garza has devoted himself to learning more about Aztec graphics and culture. 

While he gets inspiration from Aztec history, Garza has also thrown in a bit of his personal for pop culture into his artwork. Whether that’s including characters from X-Men, Batman, Marvel or Transformers, it’s his way of staying true to himself all while paying tribute to the past. 

Besides just illustrations, Garza has shown his versatility as an artist when he previously released a horror comic called Wrath of the Giver. He’s also put out a compilation book of Aztec art and pop culture with some of his best work so far. 

Fans of his work took to social media to share their appreciation for Garza’s latest illustration. 

Credit: @nate_sdsu / Twitter

Garza has proven to be an artistic inspiration to some on social media who are praising him for his work and his tribute to Latin art. There is a growing market for pop culture-inspired work like Garza’s all over the internet and with his latest piece blowing up we’re sure this isn’t the last time we see one of his pieces circulating on social media. 

For fans of Garza’s work, he’ll be at the Big Texas Comicon at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from Sept. 20-22. 

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Yalitza Aparicio’s Appearance Alongside Hollywood Veterans In Rodarte’s Spring 2020 Lookbook Proves She’s Still Rising


Yalitza Aparicio’s Appearance Alongside Hollywood Veterans In Rodarte’s Spring 2020 Lookbook Proves She’s Still Rising

Back in February of this year, “Roma” actress Yalitza Aparicio dominated fashion headlines after her appearance on the red carpet of the Oscars. The actress made her first appearance at the 91st Academy Awards as a Best Actress nominee for her breakout role as Cleo a maid of Mixteco heritage working for a family in Mexico City during the early 1970s. Aparicio had already had a big night, not only had she nailed a coveted nominee slot, she’d done so for her first role ever in a movie. And while awe over her talent was much talked about, it was the mint-green and silver metallic tulle gown she wore by Rodarte that caught so much attention.

The fashion brand has long been an established designer on red carpets but there’s no denying the actress has helped raise interest in its designers. The red carpet match of the designers and the actress proved not only to be a success at the Oscars, but it also proved worthy of a lasting partnership.

For the fashion brand’s latest lookbook, Aparicio was selected as a model.

The rising star wowed in the brand’s dreamy fashion shoot.

Aparicio appeared in the Spring lookbook in a polka-dot belted black and white dress and a pair of sheer gloves studded with pearls which also speckle her hair. She modeled the dress in a magazine that featured Hollywood veterans such as Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst.

Aparicio appeared in simple colors and extravagant gowns.

For her other appearance, the actress could be seen wearing a black and white plaid dress that featured a ruffle color and puff sleeves.

Of course, it didn’t take long for reactions to Aparcio’s appearance to set fire online.

Fans of the actress were quick to call her a “reina” and other celebrities including “Mad Men” actor January Jones, who also appeared in the shoot, commented “Love. ❤️”

Aparicio’s feature is another reminder, that the indigenous actress has her heels dug into Hollywood and the fashion industry and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Back in January of this year, Vogue México honored the actress with a feature and photoshoot that served as an ode to her culture and home state of Oaxaca. Not only was she featured on the magazine’s cover, but she was also thrown a party at the Patio del Huaje en el Jardín Etnobotanico in Oaxaca.

While the finicky nature of Hollywood and its attention to actresses of color has a strong pattern, Yalitza’s star does not seem to be dwindling. In fact, her appearance in the lookbook nearly seven months after her appearance at the Oscars, and without any announcements of new roles, proves she must have a lot coming up for herself.