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You Know You’re Becoming Your Father When You Start Going Through These During Games

When your team makes it to the playoffs – so do you, kinda. If they’re winning, you feel the highs, but when they’re losing, you tailspin right alongside them. Here are the five stages die-hard sports fans experience when their teams mess up during playoffs.

1) Denial

21 Grams / Focus Features

Please god, this can’t be happening. You tell yourself lies. They could go for a three and get fouled which would force an overtime and…who am I kidding? All we have to do is score an unprecedented 34 points in the final 2 minutes. The whole world is against us. The refs must’ve been paid off.

2) Anger

Conan / TBS

Your accent comes out. You’re yelling in Spanish and making everyone uncomfortable. You start ripping your fathead posters off the walls while cursing a plague on the the houses of your team’s GM. You threaten to cancel your sports packages and you’ve been furiously tweeting at the players while they’re playing the game on TV, demanding hustle. You created a menacing Reddit account and you’re not afraid to use it. What have you become?!

3) Bargaining

Space Jam / Warner Bros.

Are you there, God? It’s me, a fan whose only sin is loving his team too much. What’s it gonna take to pull out a win? I’ll donate blood. I’ll go back to church. I’ll start talking to my kids again. As much as it pains me, I will pay the refs off myself!

4) Depression

The Middle / ABC

If you haven’t already walked out of your apartment and into traffic, you’re probably slumped over and with the TV on mute as confetti rains on your enemies. You look at your team jerseys in the trash and remember your dad went through this for years leading up to when your mom divorced him.

Cue: Neil Young’s “Old Man” or Harry Chapin’s “Cats In The Cradle” as the soundtrack to your new life.

5) Acceptance

I Love Lucy / CBS

The calm after the storm. You’re not burning collectibles or having the tattoos of your team’s mascot removed. You’re mourning in a healthy way. And the refs are probably decent people just trying to make a living in this dog-eat-dog world. All is forgiven. Besides, you need to squeeze in some quality time with the fam before the season starts up again next fall.

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These Graduation Caps Will Either Have You Clapping Your Hands In Pride, Or Cracking Up In Laughter

bad hombres

These Graduation Caps Will Either Have You Clapping Your Hands In Pride, Or Cracking Up In Laughter

When it comes to graduation caps, class of 2017 is giving us original designs that’ll either have you clapping your hands with pride or will crack you up. Check them out and decide which one relates to you the most.

Class of 2017 is getting loud and unapologetic with their grad caps this year and people are lovinnng it. ??

Here’s your *bad hombre* graduating from USC.

As an ode to first-generation college students, here’s how this grad is thanking his immigrant parents for all of the sacrifices they’ve made:


This. Is. Gen-i-us!

Con mucho orgullo, this grad dedicated his cap to everyone who said he couldn’t:

Si se pudo!

This smart young man used el Chapulín Colorado’s classic line as a nod to those who said he didn’t have what it takes.

“They didn’t count on me being so sharp.”

This college grad owned his identity and responded to his mom in the best way possible:


His culture, his family, and his pride, all on this grad cap.

No matter how many people have tried to bring him down, this grad was EXTRA unapologetic.


It’s accomplishments like these that help elevate every minority, which is why it matters so much.

Because why not? This other grad wasn’t afraid to tell everyone how he really felt:


LOL this is so spot on.

The more blunt these caps are, the more hilarious they get.

Keeping it ?

And even though graduating from college has definitely been a struggle…what matters is you frkn made it, like these guys. ??

You are officially DONE. CONGRATS!!

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